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I usually hang out on the weekend and I don’t come back empty-handed most of the time, I usually bring the women I just met home, but I met a woman and I couldn’t forget this woman. Months have passed and I still haven’t found her and every time I remember her I get really bad again. Now I want to tell you about this woman. Another weekend, we went to the nightclub with friends, that day was the birthday of one of my close friends. We resolved well that day, the cakes were cut, the bottom of the bottles were seen, the owner of the place we know, one of the most luxurious and beautiful nightclubs in the city, is also our friend, so when the place was ours, we solved it again.

A foreign song that I liked was playing and I was next to my friend who had a birthday, and we were having a conversation standing up with him, then a girl approached me and was dancing. I looked closely, and the girl turned towards me, and I answered her. By the way, the girl was also an extremely beautiful girl, it was impossible to be indifferent to her, she never had a simple appearance. She was an extremely beautiful girl, 1.70 meters tall, with white skin, thin and beautiful physique, black hair, colorful eyes, and her full lips, a small nose and innocent eyes immediately attracted me.

She didn’t have a really simple look like the girls there, she could tell the difference right away and this girl suddenly approached me out of nowhere, I felt very lucky. Anyway, when the girl liked it, I started dancing with it and we danced for at least half an hour without speaking. I’m not very good at playing that way, I was just rocking while standing up and the girl was like a professional dancer, she was in complete control. She was rubbing against me, getting between my legs, rubbing again, and getting closer and farther away. Now I was under the spell of the girl, I was afraid that she would leave me. Then he suddenly disappeared into the crowd and disappeared.

My fear had come to me, I had lost the girl, so I went back to the table and started drinking, but the girl was on my mind. As soon as I got my drink in my hand, I started walking around the nightclub, I was going to find the girl again. I got what I wanted, about 5 minutes later I found him and they were drinking with his friends. I immediately went to her and told her my name, I said let’s meet now, right, she smiled and said her name was Merve and we met. I said why did you disappear, I think our dance is over, she said, but you made my head spin, I think it’s not over, when I said that, the girl laughed and we started a deep conversation again.

It was very late now, everyone was returning to their homes, and when her friends from the girl’s group started to disperse to the houses, I asked if we should continue the night, I got the answer. I was really happy, so I said let’s go, he didn’t make a sound. We got in my car, I said where are you studying, he said the name of a university in the city we live in, I knew her name was Merve anyway. Anyway, we got in the car and drove to my house. When I got home, I offered her a drink and we were drinking. She was a very happy girl, positive, smiling, extremely cute, and also someone I was happy to be with.

It was morning now, and I immediately clung to her lips and I really wanted her so much because she had a tiny skirt underneath and her beautiful legs were laid out before my eyes when she sat down, I couldn’t resist anymore. First I clung to his lips, then I started stroking his legs, he never resisted me and he kissed me. After kissing for a while in the living room, I took her hand and took her to my bed and climbed on the pole.

At that moment, I realized something that surprised me, even though the girl was out all night and used so much alcohol, she smelled so good, as if she had just showered and went to bed, this smell overpowered me. Also, the girl’s body was like cotton. I couldn’t get enough of touching and kissing her body like cream, I wanted time to stop while I was loving her. Then I took off her skirt and looked at the girl standing naked under me, I couldn’t get enough of this beauty that came out of the magazines and came to my bed. Her small but lively breasts and her creamy vagina were amazing. I kissed every part of her to the fullest again and slowly began to enter her womanhood.

The girl was in the background for me, so she wasn’t very hot, but she was so beautiful that I was already impressed by her. When I entered her femininity and felt her fully, the worlds became mine. Her warm creamy vagina pulled me straight to her and I enjoyed these beautiful moments for a few minutes. I was kissing her lips and sucking her neck while I was fucking her on top of her, I wanted to stay in these moments for a long time not to ejaculate at all. It was the first time that a girl hadn’t affected me like this in a while, and it wasn’t even at all, it was the first time I felt like this, I realized that I was in love. After a few moves, I couldn’t bear it anyway, I just got out of it and ejaculated.

I went to the bathroom, I was cleaned, I came to the girl, she fell asleep, she was sleeping so well that she was like angels. I immediately placed a soft kiss on his cheek, so I lay next to him and fell asleep. I think I woke up after about 3 hours from sleep, I opened my eyes, I was excited to be with him again, I was very happy, I could make love again with the girl lying next to me, and even as I said, I fell in love with this girl and I wanted to see her in my life for a long time.
Anyway, I opened my eyes, the bed was empty, I immediately went to the bathroom, I thought it was in the bathroom, but it was not in the bathroom. I looked all over the house, there was no girl, she had packed her things and left.

Why was he gone so early, I had never been mean or hurtful to him, had he misunderstood? I didn’t have her number either, but I knew her name and the place where she read it. Since it was Sunday, I decided that I was going to go to school first thing on Monday. I was going to ask why you left so early and actually my main goal was to meet the girl again because like I said, I didn’t want her to leave my life. On Monday, I went to the university, which she said immediately, and I asked her, I asked her, I said it was Merve, but I did not know her last name. I had friends who were studying at school, I’m describing the girl, I say Merve, but there is no such girl, so I looked at all Merves, but my Merve was not among them.

Fucking stories Officially the girl lied to me or I don’t know, it wasn’t there as if the ground had been split and she had gotten inside. I informed all my friends about the girl’s name and type, and also stated that I was in love with her so that they would take me seriously, but we never found the girl. I really wonder why I experienced something like this and why it went away right away. I can’t say that I had sexual intercourse with him, because it was very short and it slipped out of my hands before I could get enough of him. I still couldn’t forget him and unfortunately I couldn’t see him again.

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