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Every Friday, men definitely go to the mosque, so I didn’t want to go, I
was driving from the country road on Friday, when I heard voices on the winding road , I turned to
a wooded hillside and ate sota, the creek was flowing from below, and
two women were swimming in the shallow part of the stream, since the athlete was swimming in their undershirts
, their whole body was visible from the wet undershirt, two wonderful breasts. While they were
starting to shoot the lady , two men,
like me, who ran away from Friday,
came to the women, who heard their laughter, and they said, “What are you doing, I heard the girls,
go get angry, but the boys grabbed the girls’ clothes and
said no, we won’t leave you without making love with us.” the girls started to cry,
one of the boys went to one of the girls, don’t be afraid, my dear.
Let’s have fun, relax a little bit, one of them
said, but you won’t tell anyone.
He said ok, they will shoot us and you too, one of the men said ok, he
kissed the lips of the short curly haired girl, the girl replied, the boy
grabbed the breasts and took off the undershirt, the girl had a yellow but black polka
dot underpants
. she said, she took off
her panties, she was really great ass, she was naked, the other girl was like that, the guys
looked at both of them and said, let’s get a blowjob, the curly one hugged the
long cock and the other hugged
the other thick dick, the boys came to enjoy the girls’ mouths
they exploded then their daughters changed and this time they played the harmonica The curly
haired girl was going crazy she spread her legs as they were even I could see her hairy pussy with her hairs even I could
see her hairy pussy with her hair the boy said to the girl I will put it in your ass now the girl said put it in my life when the boy got up he messed
up his ass and started to have it When he said “how tight your ass is, didn’t you get bored/”, the girl had a few high school friends entering but their dicks were small, the boy said to the girl oohhhlaya ohlaya! The same thing happened to her other long blonde haired girl. The girls said to the boys who finished their work, let’s go now and never be seen again, the boys disappeared, curly girl

she wore the yellow over-the-top panties and the purple strapless undershirt again, while the blonde
long-haired blue-eyed
girl wore the white pant and undershirt. I did not forget this scene for many years.
Since I was from Oflu, I married a girl from Oflu in Istanbul, she was a beautiful
girl, I was in love with her one summer time, when I was going to make love to my wife, I saw her wearing yellow
and black polka dots. I thought of the girl from ofta creek
, I bought this girl in Istanbul, I said to her, when did you buy this panty , I said to her,
oh, a few years ago, when I said to her, when was the last time
you went to Ofa, the room said
, I go every two years, what happened, I thought it was the beginning of July, since I’ve seen that
girl When I said to my wife, did you go to Ofa three years ago at the beginning of July?
He said how do you know, I said, what is that weight, he said what is that weight, I said
I was there when a man pulled this pant by the creek,
did you hear something from someone, he said no, I said I saw it, I
told him I started to cry, girl, you don’t have to cry, my husband, I said,
you didn’t decorate my dreams a little before I met you She said I had to go to the village
naked , I kissed
her, I liked the girl, I said don’t worry at that time,
did you really get angry? I want you swimming there and I said I’ll peek again, he said don’t do it, I just don’t understand

I said I’m sorry, if someone else comes,
I said what will happen this time, they will fuck me up, I said what will you
do if they fuck me too I said I’ll shoot 31 It’s been a long time I
went to the village again on summer vacation one of those teachers was still there his name was Naci he was from
Çanakkale I met him in the village coffee I increased the
intimacy with him for a few days with a conversation about the girls swimming. I said that I would peep the girls swimming while I was lying
on the slope on the slope to become a land from Friday prayers.
I was laughing sometimes , I was
catching quite enjoyable things .
I missed your water, I said, do you have to come to show me tomorrow, and
I said with whom, I swallowed, Nebahat was completely closed, but she was a sexy
girl, I said, can you open it, of course, is the room
? He said, we agreed, I would make a sound where I did not want and I would spoil the atmosphere
. When it was Friday, I hid again, I did not show up to the teacher, I would leave him alone. He was lying on the
floor between the stones with a friend of mine . her legs were sexy even from afar

My wife Nuray neboş was caught here three years ago, we got caught here, she said to the men, when the girl said eee, we saved the room by offering the back, she said, “What’s wrong with
he said.
She wants a dick, she said,
you’re horny, isn’t Hakan doing well or he said Nurayda has a different place! Then they were caught again, the two men came, the teacher, the girl, I
caught you again, this time you wo
n’t be able to get rid of me, the girl said laughingly,
I’m okay with your hand, she said that it’s your dick

Even though the boys said not to take off the girls’ clothes,
Neboş started to cry The other teacher went to him and said, “Don’t cry, but if we just love a little bit
,” Nurayda said, “Let’s have a kiss and go,” Naci said,
“Just kiss.
” She said yes, she was making me
hear. She said yes, she said yes, she took out the last
pieces of Nuray, what came out of those, the room
could not make a sound when Nuray took it out, she had a wonderful body, the man sucked her big breasts, I was
crazy, I was crazy
, she said no more, but she was moaning. crouched down
she gave a blowjob and still no sound from me the other teacher had already started to enter Neboş Nuray
I hope no one will hear I enjoyed it too the man
said I was seeing his thick and wonderful white ass it was
she groaned. It
didn’t take long, when the man burst into her, Nuray got up and immediately went into the creek and
washed her cunt, the other one hadn’t exploded yet, he took her off the neboş and laid her on the ground , sat on
, I was staring at her open cunt while I was standing, three of
me was like a triangle this time Naci started to fuck her, it was great second
round 31 I was shooting the sound of man walking when they finished the second round
I did it, they all packed up. The guys immediately disappeared into the bushes to the other side
. They got dressed right away in ours and left.
I looked forward to the evening. Nuray said to me, why didn’t you come to my bed , my love, I did
n’t want to spoil the beautiful view, I said you were great, the room
said I wish you’d come too, I said I’d come next time I said so we
were looking forward to the next week. Now in the evening Naci told me about the incredible incident
and how they fucked two wives. Now the job was to show them that the woman they fucked
was my wife. Anyway, Naci Hodja from Çanakkale comes and fucks two
Oflu women and one of those Oflu women was my wife
. The holiday was ending Thursday but
I extended it to Saturday so that I could experience the excitement of Friday. I said to my wife,
show me your ingenuity again, this time I will take your picture.
He said, ‘I ‘ll bring the enamel along with the room neboş, two men are not enough, you should come
too. I don’t have it, I said I’m going to take a picture of my beautiful wife while I’m getting a dick
He said to Naci teacher, ” You know, can’t you at least find another man? ” I said let’s see.
I made preparations before Friday, bought a high-zoom camera, bought a few
reels of film and prepared. I went to the village cafe on Thursday evening.
The teacher had a guest. I told him that I won’t be in the village tomorrow and that I’ve
missed the naked women in the creek this week, and I told them, come on, you’ll be fine tomorrow
, fuck the wives again.
In that guest, snow water escaped his mind. When the room said what their wives were, I said, “Well,
these teachers are very lucky, how did they fuck two women last week,
let me tell you, look.” While he was trying to explain with difficulty, I asked
permission and left. I had three cocks for my wife tomorrow.
On that Friday, while the men of the village were
praying, Nuray Mine and Neboş, the beautiful women of the village, went down to the creek. Their peepers were ready and I was on the
ball. I could hear Nuray talking to other women.
When I said to them that we didn’t go just to go to the creek for one more day, he said , “What’s wrong with you
, he pulled that Naci teacher, he’s fucking good again, isn’t he?
” he said. My wife is taller than my husband when I put it all the way down
“I enjoy it so much,” he said. He said, “You are insatiable
in Neboş, because of you, I got used to different creatures.” On the other hand, the girls are
crazy about dick, what do you know, when you say that your dicks are coming,
Nuray pulls her panties down and shows her cunt, now the teachers
are peeking somewhere. He said, “I do not know a teacher who will not see this pussy and fuck
it.” The other girl said, “What a horny thing you are, we
almost became whores because of you.” I couldn’t hear their voices much,
but I could see them very close from my zoom camera.
Here my wife had taken off her panties. I pulled her hairy cunt on her awesome body.
Then she bare closed wife Neboşu and outdoor wife enamel
I took it. Then, when three men came in, the girls immediately
covered their pussies with their hands, but their breasts were in the middle. Nuray
said to the men, teacher, did you come again, can’t we save you? If you wanted to get rid of the teacher,
you wouldn’t come, you’re itchy. Oflu said, “Your husbands can’t fuck you well
, and we relax you.” Then he went to Nura and said,
“Isn’t there a welcome kiss, girl?” Nuray stretched her lips. He wrapped his hands
around his neck.
This time, I shot Nuray kissing naked Naci from behind. When Nuray undressed the guy, the others were relieved and started to
undress too .
After a while, it got mixed up. Three men fucked three beautiful women one
by one. What pictures did I take? my wife Oflu Nuray three like lions
By blowing the man’s cock deep in her cunt
, she proved how narrow and hot the cunts of the women of Oflu are. On the other hand, Neboş proved that oflu and
closed village women have a beautiful body and that they eat when they find a dick
. In mine, just like my wife, Oflu was like ordinary open women
. I took three reels of film pictures.
I had the films made by a side photographer in Istanbul, the naked
pictures of my wife, under the naci teacher, on her and with the other teachers,
especially the naked pictures of the closed Neboş whore. My wife
was angry with me. Three men were fucking them there, asking why I didn’t come.
I’d fuck him too, but pictures were more important to me. on holiday
I sent a card or something to the address of Naciye village school, and then
I told him to stop by while I was passing through Istanbul while I was on vacation. stopped by. We toured a little.
He would go at night. I bought it and took it home. On the way, I phoned my wife. I said if a guest
will come, let’s eat at my house and out. Who said. I said that there was a Naci
teacher in the village. Did he really say? I said yes. He said what do you want me to do
. Nancy was with me. I couldn’t speak clearly. It’s understood, you
prepare something at home, have some drinks, I said let’s please Naci tonight, I said let’s entertain
He said how should I dress. I said to myself with a smile. He said how much.
I said that Naci doesn’t drink straight with me, but it should be quite clear. Room
He said should I wear underwear? I said no. ” Don’t worry, your wife
will please both men tonight,” he said. I said let me see you. Naci
thought our conversation was normal. But in the evening there would be entertainment at home.
Once he would realize that the wife he fucked in the village stream was mine.
Then he would realize that I fucked him. According to this situation,
he would probably be having sex tonight. What do you think will happen at home tonight?

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