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My wife and I are people who are open to all kinds of issues
, we lived with the fantasy of having a third person among us for many years, finally we
decided to do it, but how would it go? My wife told me that she would find this solution on the internet
, she would surprise me, she told me to wait patiently
and one day she gave me the good news. I accepted the event for a while and
as a result of my research, we invited the person to our house
. Believe me, I thought I was going to die from excitement until the young man came home, and the expected hour
came, meanwhile, a little bit of ourselves. Let me tell you, I am a 45-year- old brunette
, tall, cultured and modern person . young home

he came to the living room, we invited him to the living room, he started chatting with coffee and it
was the moment when we were relaxed, this person wouldn’t do us any harm other than pleasure, as we agreed with my wife, he went
and came in a freaking outfit
. and the three of us went into the bedroom together, the first thing the young man did was to cling to my wife’s lips, I was surprised, I sat in a corner, he likes to watch it so well, he also undresses, my wife responds with great pleasure and does not neglect to look at me from time to time, both of them are naked, young man licks my wife’s honey box.

on the other hand, he was sucking the really big and thick organ of the young person with water flowing from his mouth. I was like going crazy, I was stunned
with pleasure that my wife
was with someone else in front of me . When she sucked her breasts and turned to my young wife’s breasts, I immediately fell in love with my peach I’m sure my wife had ejaculated but at that moment she could have ejaculated 10 times, then she got inside my young wife and kept the pace so my wife and I were flying with happiness as if my wife was immersed in big zeks inside her for the first time not like

they were ejaculated by shaking at the same time. My wife didn’t want it to come out at all. She was able to respond when she was young. My wife was getting horny and taking
both her and me constantly. It was an incredible night for us , we never wanted it to end, the next days started to be incredibly exciting in our own sex with the conversation of that night, with a decision we made, we decided to repeat it once a month . Do not let your mouth water

we never intend to be with another person again, best regards

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