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Hello, we have met before, I am a different woman who has tried everything that has experienced sexuality in every way . I would like to write you an interesting memory that I had 3 months ago.
At the beginning of the summer,
we went to a picnic as a family, the weather was very hot and I was getting depressed. Meanwhile, my wife
Kenan said that the weather was too hot and went to sleep.

While I was washing dishes, suddenly a hand touched
my hips, I looked without realizing what I was doing. I looked at my father from behind, he
was stroking my hips and my back. I flinched. I liked it, and then I let go. My father told me
, “Girl, how is urosbu kenan fucking this ass?” I was seduced.
I’m back daddy I said don’t do it

but I also wanted to, while my eyes fell on my father’s cock, his
thick cock was standing up and waiting. I immediately opened my father’s cock with my foamy hands
and started to lick it. My father was laughing nasty
and shouting bite
me .

my father quickly picked me up and turned me upside down on the sink and
started to lick my asshole by peeling off my shorts, even though I liked it, it hurt

All of a sudden, he put his dick on my ass but he didn’t get in, he licked it a little more,
so he asked me to lick it a little more, so I started licking it
, after it got really slippery, he got into my ass hole as a culp,
and it started to come and go quickly and suddenly I thought that this person was my father
and I shouldn’t have done it, and I turned and told my father not to do it.

my father slapped me saying shut up len urosbu I
started to enjoy it even more my father pulled back when he started to ejaculate and
started licking my feet then he ejaculated on my feet….

Then we went on with our lives as if nothing had happened.

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