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I am a self-employed 26-year-old person in a city in the east, I am a person who is
loved around and has a simple life
. I couldn’t take this risk for the sake of fantasy , so just to satisfy my ego, I used to log in to the net once a month, chat and text me. finally they wanted the number

I arranged a used line that was not registered with me and
we started chatting. Tolga and Desire were really level and cultured people and
they insisted that they found me sincere, otherwise
it was not difficult for them to find another person because Desire was a really beautiful and attractive
woman, whatever my job was to do in Ankara and Istanbul. Since I went from time to time
, it would not be a problem for us to meet, but my only concern was that this event was controlled
and exaggerated, this anxiety was eliminated by Tolga’s speeches, now I could fuck that beautiful ass of
my desire that I took on his pictures 31 because I was going to Istanbul

Desire met me from the airport with tolga and his wife of a bitch, Desire was
wearing a skirt and body exactly as I wanted, we got in the car after the meet and greet session
and I started to lick my desire in the car, but for a while
I felt ashamed of myself because I really felt like a friend with them
tolga as if I understood that I should not hesitate. she was just saying that i
would bring something to their sex life and realize my biggest fantasy by the way
now i was really relieved and
realized that tonight was going to be really beautiful meanwhile we arrived home
and i couldn’t stand it anymore i pressed the desire against the wall and
slowly peeled off her skirt starting from her feet and i realized that this night was going to be really beautiful
I slowly licked her crazy chubby ass, the tolga was ecstatic
watching us, the desire was officially enraged and she
was moaning,
come on
. I also regretted later and
apologized to the helmet, don’t worry, my bitch, I said I will cum in front of your husband
many times, and he said, uff, I already cum, he said, I slowly
peeled off his white panties with my teeth and sucked the liquid from his cunt, he trembled
and it was as if he passed out, he looked pleased when I
looked at the helmet, actually unfair didn’t count, I had an 18cm dick and
I could literally drive women crazy. My ejaculation time was neither long nor short, and I was going to fuck
his wife in front of him, crunching his desire slightly, I inserted
my cock slowly, the desire gave a small scream, the pussy of desire was very narrow
and smelled delicious, by the way, the tolga came and the bitch
gave it to his wife’s mouth after a while he ejaculated violently and i
couldn’t stand it anymore your desire fuck me my husband this
horned cap should see what it means not to care about my ejaculation

After about an hour, we had dinner and it started to flare up again and I pulled the desire
to myself by holding her hair and we kissed for about 5 minutes, then we went to the bedroom and I started to take action to fuck
the ass of the desire that I dreamed of, actually the desire had not even given her ass to her husband and she was afraid in every way, but it was obvious to me. He couldn’t say no, I was aware of this gesture and I was officially eating my dear desire’s ass I was blowing it and rewarding it, and her husband gave it to her mouth instead. I told her to bring a ton of cream and I told her to put the desire that I loosened by sucking on her ass. The room was carefully preparing her own wife for me to fuck her now.

it was time to insert my dick millimeter by millimeter my desire was
screaming to the fullest, then his ass muscles relaxed and he got
used to my dick meanwhile tolga was trying to get his wife’s pussy by the way so I
helped him to get his wife’s pussy and after a few minutes
first tolga came out after me my bitch I ejaculated in his wife’s ass while
my liquid was draining on the legs of desire, I clung to desire, then the next
day when Tolga woke up, he
saw me fuck his wife’s ass next to him, this was goodbye fuck now, it was time to say goodbye, we broke
up later on,
I learned that their sex life was in order in telephone conversations, I was very pleased and I was happy as well. my friends

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