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Hi, I’m Bora from Istanbul. At the age of 19, I am the only son of a family in very good condition. Anyway, let me get to my story. There was a 50-year-old sister named Nihal, who took care of housekeeping because we had enough time. For a long time, I had put my mind to fuck Nihal sister. Because as I bent over to clean with his huge ass, my dick was like a pile. Again, I didn’t go to school because I was sick on a cleaning day. In a way, I sent my mother from home too. Nihal sister continues her work, and I was watching her at every opportunity. Since the weather was very hot on a summer day, I wore dark tights under a short-sleeved t-shirt and my body was almost laid out in front of my eyes. Anyway, he told me to go to your room and come back when I’m done. An idea came to my mind at that time. I said I couldn’t walk without help, I said I was sick. He told me to sit on my back, I will carry you, will I miss the opportunity, I leaned back with my hands on his shoulders. But when I took two steps, my dick started to move. Nihal sister also noticed this and stopped for a while and said are you comfortable. When I said I’ve never been this comfortable, he stopped taking me to my room and made me sit where I could see him. He finished his work and stopped again to take me to the kitchen for dinner. This time, my dick was tight and I wrapped one of my hands around his waist and pulled him towards me as if he were supposed to gain strength. Nihal sister understood my intentions. As he gently sat me on the seat, he fell right into my lap and sat right on top of me. I immediately hugged her tightly and started stroking her breasts and squeezing her cunt. I immediately turned his head and started kissing, and the room turned and he hugged me, almost sucking my lips and starting to tremble. I took great pleasure in the 50-year-old woman trembling with pleasure in my lap. I immediately started peeling it off. I took off her bra and started sucking on her breasts. Meanwhile she was digging her nails into my neck and she was pressing my head between her breasts. His hands weren’t empty either, he was running them over my dick and squeezing lightly. I stood up right in front of him and tore it while he was trying to take off his tights. I took Nihal sister by the waist and started to lick my smelly smell. She pressed her cunt on my face as I licked it and she screamed. While stroking her hips with one hand, I slowly force her back hole with my finger, when I lightly insert my finger, it sticks to my face, and when I insert my tongue from the front, my finger goes into her ass. I licked orgasm Nihal sister like this and she collapsed into my lap, moaning. He rested a little and enjoyed the moment. Then she got up and pulled down my shorts and started licking. He was licking on the one hand and caressing my body on the other. He wanted to sit on my lap when the waters of pleasure started flowing from my dick, and while he was saying that he would sit down slowly because his ass was narrow, he went all the way down when I was pressing on his shoulders and shouted as much as he could. Then he slowly started to sit up and while I was doing this, I wanted to come together by holding myself while I was constantly shouting “You have torn me to the end.” But I couldn’t stand it and I ejaculated in it with screams of pleasure. He began to ejaculate immediately after me, screaming. it was very beautiful and very enjoyable. I would never have expected this much from a 50-year-old woman. I guess it’s okay for a woman of that age to ejaculate in my pussy. She will not be pregnant after this age. Now I continue to fuck Nihal sister at every opportunity.

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