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Hi. I have a neighbor named Sabire. A true brunette. Plump
Ass, big Tits very sexy. Still single at 25. So he’s at home.
One day, my parents went to Turkey for an emergency, and they were not to
arrive earlier than 14 days. So the house was mine. The next day, after I came home from school
, I went to the bathroom. I’m established. While I was going to my naked room,
Sabire Sister came out of the kitchen. I’m frozen. Immediatly I have gone to my room and dressed up.
Then I came to Sabire Abla. “I’m sorry” I said. He laughed. β€œ
How did you get into the house?” I said. β€œYour mother left me the Key,” he said. “Come,
let’s talk,” he said. I went and sat next to him. He was wearing a tight sweater and
tight pants. He was cooking. We talked a little about school. After
As she bent down to pick up the plates, the yellow Tangasi appeared on the Square.
I got my dick right away . The room noticed this when he sat next to me. β€œDo you have a girlfriend
?” she asked. “We broke up,” I said. β€œAre you not thinking of getting married?”
I said. β€œNo,” he said. I said “why”. “Because I’m not a virgin,” she said.
To my surprise, that Master Girl was stuck. “Who the fuck” I said. “You don’t know,”
he said. β€œBut his dick was smaller than yours,” she said.
Eye to eye, we started kissing. By the way, I
was stroking amen with my hand, the room is my dick. Then he bent down, opened the zipper and
took my dick in his mouth, he was licking it terribly. It was like I was fucking your mouth.
Then he stood on the ground like a Dog . I went I took off his pants He pulled his thong to the side
I stuck my finger in Amina and started licking her Ass. Then we got up and
went to the bedroom. I lay on my back on the bed, he matched his cunt with my dick and
sat on it. In the meantime, I was taking off her bra and
taking her breasts into my mouth. He was going all the way on my dick, and he was saying,
“ohh big dick, ohh, stick it in deeper and take out my skinny”.
So I grabbed him by the waist and turned him around. He was under me now . I was going up and down
fast. Saying “Oh yes yeseeeeeeeeet” Saber emptied. I
went back and forth a little more, then I took the two of me out and started pulling them towards Sabire’s face
and I ejaculated. Sabire opened her mouth and swallowed what she could swallow . Her face
was in semen. Then we went to the bathroom together, we washed, β€œyou
I love you, darling” I said. β€œI love you too, Husband,” he said. “I’m not full yet,
” he said. And he knelt down and took my dick in his mouth. My dick was like a bowl.
I wanted him to curl up, so he did. I brought my dick to her ass and
loaded on the biker and they all entered. She cried and started to cry. I
continued. After a while, the room began to enjoy. I was moaning
. Then I took my dick out. I turned the saber and ejaculated on her breasts.
Then we washed and dressed. She Gifted me her green Thong and Bra and
went to her own house. Later, I will write about how I fucked his brother’s wife and our hijab neighbor and
nephews. Now patience is waiting for me. I wish you a day with lots of pussy and dick

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