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Greetings to everyone, I made some friends because of the story I sent to the site before (Camera Excuse), I
thank the site staff for this. Last month, because my husband’s father had
visual impairment in his eyes, I brought him from the village to us, we took him to the eye
hospital and had his examination done, the doctor said he should come back in two months,
so we didn’t take the lost bodies back to the village, we said,
you stay here, this is your house. Anyway, as the days come and go
, while watching TV on the weekend evening, I asked my father-in-law, “How is there
any improvement in his eyes?”

I just said bismillah, by the way, my wife brought fruit or something, we were
eating them, my wife was eating the banana in her hand,
looking at me as if she were licking a dick, slowly pull over to me and look at me. I’ll fuck you in front of your father.
I replied that you can’t fuck me, then it’s a sin from me
then I said and put my hand under your skirt. I inserted it and started to
caress it, when I came to your pussy, I said it was soggy, what the heck, you’re horny, my wife
looked at her father and fell on my lips saying I’m dear because of you,
we started making love without making a sound

Türkan said let’s turn up the volume of the TV a little more or my father
can hear our voice, so I turned the volume up a little more, I knelt in front of him and
buried my head between his legs, because he just came out of the bathroom , his
pussy was clean. I whispered, if we’re going to go any further , I said let’s go to bed, no, I said fuck me here in front of my father, he took my dick out and took it in his mouth, he was licking it with such an appetite that it was impossible to describe, we were naked with slow movements, 69 it turned me on, I was licking it madly then I lay on my back my wife with his hand

He brought my dick close to his pussy’s lips and he asked me to get into my ear
so I said to the root, the room started to sit up with a sigh, there’s no way your father-in
-law could not hear our voice, he must have heard it because his daughter was moaning
like crazy
he groaned “keep going on” I tucked behind him and said “you like it very much” he made a stern entrance he groaned ”
yes yes” like crazy, it got louder because every time he met my balls and pussy, there were shuloping shulops sounds and at that speed, before me, the voice of the father-in -law came uhggg. turkan and i were done turkan

As soon as he realized the event, he immediately got up and ran to the bathroom, and of course, I
took a nice shower and slept.

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