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It was truly a great night.
Hi, I’m Hakan, I live in Munich, Germany, I ‘m a 34-year-old dealer with black hair and hazel eyes. My wife had
a friend, Barbara
. Or he said no, he talked to me to see what he would say ….

One day I phoned him, do you have time, I said I’m coming, put coffee water in the
room, okay Hakan, come and wait, I said ok I’m leaving
, I want to say today, I said what to say, let’s have a good
luck, but I don’t know anything, haaaa, he said
okay, my dear I said

I pressed his bell but come on, ask me how I was

“Hi Hakan, how are you, come in” he said, so I went inside and he
showed me where to sit and smiling, he went to the kitchen and brought coffee

He asked me “Wait, did you know the way to my house, which
wind horse” he said, I just came here wondering, my mistake, my husband was
very curious, didn’t you call him too “I said he had a lot of work and
he told me that his child had a health problem Anyway , we were
sipping our coffees and he showed me his pictures

I was looking at the pictures he took on vacation, he left one by one, there was one picture of him. He was lying in a
bikini and was sunbathing. I said this is the opportunity, my son
Hakan, and I told him

I said, “Oh my God, Barbara, is this you, what a beautiful body you have, you
are a super model, you are a lady like a model” I said, oh my Hakan, don’t exaggerate, but seda’s body is
also beautiful, I said yes, my wife seda is a very beautiful woman, but
I said you are beautiful too and she smiled…

We drank our coffees, he said to me, “Come, let me show you the card game , it’s
a very good game, you can play it with a voice, take it from this game, it’s great.” I said, we
start from 1€, the loser pays, the winner takes the money, he said, I accepted

he showed me how to play and I understood immediately we started the game I was winning
and he was giving me money then I said to him I
don’t want money I will kiss you every time I win I said do you accept the room “hmmmmm
do you think it’s ok” I said of course why not and he accepted I
won the game and got a kiss then the game It ‘s just over now but I said I’m going to kiss you
I started kissing your lips

We were kissing so beautifully that I said “wait, you are my friend’s
husband, I can’t do this to him, if he hears he won’t talk to me again, please don’t talk to me again.” I
said, please, you and me, look, the children are asleep, I said and I was stroking your
legs and still kissing your lip, then
I started stroking your bottom slowly with my hand, it was a very thin pant. there was so thin
everything seemed to me he said

β€œCome to the bedroom, if a child or something gets up, he should not see us like this,” he said, and we went to the
bedroom. ”

I peeled him off nicely and I started licking him kissing his whole body I was
smelling his legs apart I brought my head to the pussy and I was licking it well with my tongue
he was moaning with pleasure and he was stroking my head with his fingers
then I said come lick mine he was licking so good that the inside of his mouth was burning like
a volcano

It was impossible not to ejaculate, but I said attitude, bring myself, you
keep licking your cunt I said he was licking mine and I was
licking his ass hole with my finger He said no no don’t do it I said ok
dear you lick it I said he was still licking

” her breasts were very small but her legs and hips were gorgeous and I put my dick in a tiny pussy and I started to fuck her water was flowing and she was
moaning with pleasure
we were kissing hotly again the bed was so squeaky it
was like it was going to break but I said to myself continue Hakan …

I was fucking Barbara so much that the woman closed her eyes and was moaning with pleasure,
then I told her to turn around and she turned around I fucked her from behind I
was doing it from behind and with one hand I was squeezing her ass hole she was always pushing her
finger pull her finger please try it I said it would
be nice I said it’s time I took my dick out of your ass
i bald at putting it right

He said “Please don’t do it I’m afraid it will hurt”

I said, “I’ll take it slowly, my dear, it won’t hurt, don’t be afraid”

I inserted it slowly, he was shouting to the end, he was saying please come out, I
was not listening, I was continuing and I was rubbing your cunt on my fingers, I said to him
how? He said it’s a great thing, but I feel like I’m going to poop, I said it’s normal, nothing

He was moaning ” fuck me ohhhhh so nice oh my god go ahead Hakan
you are awesome”

I said “I’ll fuck you baby until morning”
then I took my dick out of your ass and lay on my back and it got on top of me
my baby was riding a horse I couldn’t stand him

“Baby, I can’t stand it, I ‘m coming, I said I’m

It was very nice, after we finished our work, we lay in bed and cleaned it
, she said to me, yaaaaa, don’t let her hear it, she said, don’t tell her, she came here for coffee, she said okay, I won’t tell her, but if you want, we can have a threesome if you want, and she said she wants to do it with
a man and two women.

“Do you want a seda, are you sure?” he said, yes he does, but we haven’t found anyone yet,
he said to me, I love seda, a very beautiful lady, especially her
breasts are gorgeous, I would like to work on them, so I said ok one day, come and
talk> she’s right next to the sedan, she agreed,
I’m coming next week on Wednesday

he said to you that day there is no name so i said ok dear and kissed then i had a dream
and said i am going home i left him

When I got home, my wife told me how it was and she listened to me with disbelief and said to me

“You had a very exciting night and I guess it was enjoyable, I guess
ahhhhhhh, wouldn’t it be if I could watch you?” he said.

Then we laughed and said to him Carsamba will come to us and we will talk

yes, this is the real story that I live, friends, I hope you like

with love

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