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Hi, I’ve been reading your site for a year, it ‘s very nice, anyway, I want to get in touch
5 years ago, I was only 18 years old
. I was giving it to him to spend it at school , he didn’t say anything to my tissues again one day when I was touching his breasts like this, I started to caress his ass and I started to caress his ass but my decision was final I was going to fuck him I was going to take off his weight he ran away I wanted to do it by force when he started screaming I got scared and left him for 2 years he didn’t talk to me again one day we have nobody

he came in, I thought there was my mother inside, he came in, I
was watching a porn movie, I turned off the TV, when I saw that there was no one, he went to the door to go,
at that moment I was going to grab him by the arm and pull him in, he must
have guessed what to do, he wanted to run away,
I started rubbing my upturned cock on his ass, I was holding his mouth with one hand.
she resisted but I said you couldn’t escape I said if you screamed I said she fucked me for money
I said she started begging your family but in vain
I just clung to her lips as if I was biting her slowly
started to soften I immediately took off her sweater with
my teeth I started to bite her breasts
I realized that I was going to ejaculate while licking her breasts and immediately I ejaculated on her breasts. I told
her to put the dick in her mouth while I was saying what the fuck are you doing
. After licking it a lot like a waterfall, I immediately took it to the bathroom and soaped its ass with cold water, then we came back to the room and I started to lick your ass, mine was like a pile, no matter how hard I tried , I immediately brought a piece of paper and rubbed your ass and my dick was loaded again , his head went in, he started screaming, I looked it wouldn’t work with duct tape your mouth

I taped it and tried again, it went in half way, I rooted it while it was coming and going, but what kind
of crying does it leak
? We talked about keeping these things between us, we left the house together, and after that day, we are with him at every opportunity, now he promised to bring me his friend from school, this is my story byyyy

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