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Hello, I would like to tell you about the widow Feyza in our apartment. Estimated 40 years old, 175 height and a beautiful brunette with a big ass and big breasts. The big tits are at least 100 cm. Big ass has at least 110 cm. He would not talk to everyone like that, he would greet and continue on his way. That’s how it was with me. He kept his distance from men. Maybe that’s why it seemed more attractive to me.

While I was washing my car on a Sunday, the doorman and I were busy talking here and there. Feyza passed us on the way out of the apartment. Come to the doorman:

Can you take a look at the kitchen fountain, it’s dripping water. Sure, I’ll see, Feyza sister. “I’ll be there in 15 minutes,” she said. And he left us as if shaking those delicious hips.

Doorman Murat said that his brother had a fever again. Come on, you’re lucky, when you joke that maybe he will give it, he already gives it bro. “I fuck 4-5 mails a day anyway,” he said.
Don’t shoot Murat.
Shall I prove it to you?
Are you saying right?
Yes brother. Look, you go to my house now, when you bring Feyza and throw her in her bedroom, you jump in too. I finished my work immediately, we went to the concierge’s apartment. You wait, I’ll be right back with Feyza.

I was impatiently waiting. After a while, the door opened. Doorman Murat:

Oh baby, he said I’d eat this ass and slapped Feyza’s ass. He sighed and went to his bedroom. I waited a while and I went inside. He made Feyza kneel down and put the big cock in her mouth and made her suckle. Feyza looked at me and said ooohhh, did you bring me another cock, Murat? and smiled.

I opened the zipper and handed him the cock. He slapped his cheeks and tongue and began to suck and lick. His cocks were sucking with appetite.

Oooohhh put it in my mouth, my men oohhh. He was saying, “My delicious dicks, I’ll eat your balls.”
Fuck me hard and abusive.

We undressed and threw Feyza on the bed. We started vacuuming with one breast and one at the doorman. I was stroking her legs, we were vacuuming 100-sized breasts in my mouth, the wife was officially breastfeeding us. Feyza was moaning beneath us. I fucked it up, I buried my head, it’s pure flesh. I started licking like crazy. My mouth was gushing with pleasure juice. I was sucking her clitoris strenuously. I stuck my tongue in your pussy, I was drawing circles in your pussy. The doorman was eating Feyza’s breasts and lips.

Come on, one of you fuck me.

I’ll fuck you Feyza, Murat fucked a lot already. Let me taste it first. I rubbed the head of the dick a bit, then I buried it as a lop. Feyza was making oooohhhs. I was pushing her tight pussy at last, the woman of my dreams was eating my cock under me.

Do you like abusive, baby?
Yes, I love hard.
Here’s your dick, fuckin’ bitch. Where did you get these big tits bitch? I’ll fuck your ass, fuck you. I was pumping Feyza like crazy. By sticking it in and out of my balls. I took her legs on my shoulder and started to insert them deeper. Doorman Murat gave it to Feyza’s mouth again.

I said let’s toast this bitch. Murat lay on his back, sat on Feyza Murat’s cock, leaning forward a little. Those delicious hips were making me mad. I had a bent-ass cock. Now I was owning Feyza’s ass. I was going back and forth slapping the ass. Murat was fucking Feyza from the bottom. I lay down on Feyza. Feyza, the widow, was toast.

Oooohhh fuck me guys, I’ll be your sex slave. My pussy is yours ooohh. Root your cocks at me, Feyza was moaning ooohhh mmmmm. Murat from the bottom, I was
pumping at full speed from the rear. Feyza’s moans became more frequent. All of a sudden, it started pouring out between us, screaming and trembling. Murat emptied Feyza’s pussy by making his last hits and shouting. The narrowness of Feyza’s ass provoked me. After a few stings, I started to squirt my semen into Feyza’s delicious ass.

Oooohh we put it in your ass Feyza, your holes are inseminated. You’re our whore now, you’re our whore.

Ooohh yes I’m your bitch, whore, fuck slave.

That day, Murat and I fucked Feyza for hours. Feyza now gives it to me whenever I want. Sometimes we fuck two. The widow can’t get enough of Feyza’s asshole.

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