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, I am writing from the city of Cologne, Germany. My name is Cem and I’m 38 years old. Years
ago and I’m actually still going, I met a married
stealer couple through a German magazine. The three were looking
for a man to fuck and I agreed,

We made an appointment and I arrived at their house one weekend. female medium.
At her age, her breasts were quite drooping, but she had big breasts and
a nice big butt. Her name was petra and her husband was hans, and she was in middle age
. After saying a good five and a cup of tea and a cigarette, hans put on a porn movie and
we started watching it.

Slowly my dick was starting to lift and Hans and Petra were kissing
. by my side. They started to undress and they told me to undress themselves.
I undressed.
While I started sucking on Petra’s nipples, her husband started licking her hairy cunt
. And meanwhile petra was sucking my dick in her mouth too,

my dick was like a stone, already looking at her husband’s dick, mine was huge
. He was 18+5 cm and of course he was circumcised, hairless, and
showed up with everything. While my neck was being sucked….the veins were in the

Her husband made a sign to me and said come, he stood aside
, took his dick in his hand and started jerking off, I didn’t understand but later I
would understand why.
I threw Petra’s legs over my shoulder and slid my
dick deep into her pussy in one go. Her pussy was so tight that she hadn’t seen a cock for a long time
, and her muscles were squeezing tight.

I continued to fuck first slowly and then fast. Her husband was
still playing with his dick and watching us. How can my dear cem sometimes ask if I can fuck you well
, but I kept on fucking.
hans came close to me and said softly in my ear, emptied cem cum petranin livecam
he likes it that way ok. said.

i said ok in the second for almost half an hour i squeezed the petrae in different
positions and at the end i poured all the cum on petra’s hot and clayey
pussy and suddenly hans doesn’t come close and says cem now i will
fuck it, i stepped aside and i think hans his tiny dick

There were only 12-13 inches, he started to shove his wife’s pussy, and he suddenly
took it off and put his little dick in her asshole and I was
just watching this. It didn’t take long and he ejaculated in his wife
‘s asshole with a big shout.

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