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Hello. From time to time, I would hear about people having Decriminalized domestic relations, I would get very angry. Until it happened to me. At first, my thoughts about my aunt were what every person hears about his sister-in-law. Whatever happened three years ago, somehow I started to look at my aunt as a woman, not a relative. I loved my sister-in-law’s feet.

I wanted to be with him. What I did was perverse. This feeling makes me hostile to myself. In fact, some nights he was reckoning with himself until the morning, trying to grasp the fact that she was my sister-in-law, but somehow I couldn’t overcome my feelings. My feelings towards my sister-in-law should have entered the ground with me. But it wasn’t happening, I should have slept with him. I graduated from college this summer. From time to time, my sister-in-law tells me that there are some bride candidates and she was looking for my mouth about marriage. Dec.
Since my brother was a policeman, I used to stay at them when he went on night duty. I went to their house again one day when my brother was on duty. In the evening, my nephews went to bed. We started watching TV and chatting with my aunt. It was about marriage, apparently he was checking me out again. I was sure you did this with my mother’s knowledge.
I’m sure he was asking my ideas, telling my mother. He told me about a few bride-to-be candidates again, I was saying no to all of them and I was making an excuse for military service. he asked if I had a girlfriend or anyone I wanted. When I said no, he asked like he was amazed how it had never happened or whether it had happened at the university. I said no again. (Actually, I had a girlfriend and I was planning to marry her.) You are interested in girls who are jokingly confused, he said. I said, except for the Bulent Ersoy versions.
Well, he said, tell me about the profile of the woman in the haylin. (I can’t make sense of prolonging this topic, but I wasn’t closing it so that I could be alone with my aunt more.) Suddenly I said that the woman I was going to marry should look like you with her physique, mannerisms, in short, with everything. My sister-in-law accepted this as a compliment and thanked me.
I got up to light a cigarette and get the ashtray and sat right across from him. My eyes slipped between her legs at one point, and the cunt-Decked part of her pajamas was ripped off. I had those perverted feelings again, and I was starting to feel weird. We were continuing to talk. Involuntarily, my eye was slipping on that rip, and I was immediately missing my eye for fear of being caught. Her black lace panties look through the pajamas, and this image turned me on.
I must have been Decently immersed at some point, and when I looked up, he gave me a hard look and covered his legs. (Apparently, he did not know about the dismantling.) I was embarrassed and I wasn’t talking. The room was no longer asking questions and watching TV. Of course, I was still thinking about her panties and fantasizing. He went to the bathroom sometime, and I followed him to the Deckhouse. My aunt was peeing, and I was spying on her pussy and legs. After peeing, her pussy
he had such a wash that I couldn’t stand it and I was going to go in. I immediately returned to the hall and took my seat. He came into the room and sat down opposite me, and without realizing it, he started giving me a free kick again. I was more cautious now.(But it was a trap, he wanted to make sure that I noticed the tear and looked there.) So you want to marry someone like me, he said. I confirmed. So what did he say about my most favorite feature? I couldn’t say anything.
I said I passed it by saying that he should look like you in everything. He lit a cigarette and suddenly said, delete whatever you’re thinking from your head and stop watching my panties, I’m your sister-in-law. He finished his cigarette and went to bed. A little later, I went to bed too. I was completely lost in sleep. I was constantly falling off my sister-in-law and her panties. I sneaked into the bedroom at night and started watching my aunt, the fear of getting caught was making me even more horny now
i couldn’t stand it, I should have ejaculated immediately. I took my dick out and started pulling thirty-one. Because it was hot, my sister-in-law’s top was open and her pajamas were scraped up to her kneecap. It didn’t take me long to ejaculate. I went to bed. But I was starting to think again, my sister-in-law was aware of everything, and it was just me, your sister-in-law, who said stop watching me, I wonder if she was waiting for a move from me.
I wonder why she hadn’t changed her pajamas and why the door of the room was open. I was like I was going to strip, I ran into the room again, I wanted to touch my aunt, I didn’t dare. I ejaculated once more and went to bed. My brother was coming from duty at eight in the morning. We started for breakfast about eleven o’clock. My sister-in-law was acting like nothing had happened.
And I couldn’t look at my brother’s face or my sister-in-law’s face out of shame. The children had gone out and my brother had gone back to bed to get some more sleep. I went out on the balcony and started smoking. When my sister-in-law tidied up the table and washed the dishes, she came to me and said in a low voice that it seemed to me that you were thinking bad things about getting married.
What are you saying in a low voice to my own sister-in-law…. I came out because I’m not a pervert. But he said you were looking at my panties. I don’t realize my eye slipped, and when you noticed, I said why didn’t you warn me, why didn’t you change your pajamas. He couldn’t say anything. Now he was the guilty one. OK, close this topic, he said it never happened last night. She went out for shopping soon . I pulled thirty-one and went to the bathroom to take a shower.
When I looked in her dirty basket, there were her black lace panties from last night. I took it and smelled it and licked and sucked for minutes. The place where her pussy touched was wet. Apparently he had just taken it off and why was it wet. Anyway, I came by licking the panties and rubbing them on my dick, took a shower and left. My aunt had already arrived and was putting the vegetables she had bought in the closet. In the evening, my brother went on duty again, the little ones went to bed early. We were alone again.
We didn’t talk for a while. He started the word first.
– How can you want your own sister-in-law, it’s a perverted thing.
– Look, I’m not a pervert, no, I’m saying something like that
– Yeah, then why did you take a bath at noon
– Don’t be ridiculous, it’s hot, I’m sweating
– So why were my panties in your mouth
– Did you… did you spy on me?
– Yes, I took off my panties on purpose
– Well, why was it wet between Dec.
– What’s it to you
– You’re not trying me, you’re forcing me, look at this sitting
– What’s in my sitting
– Look, you haven’t even changed your pajamas.
The expressions started to harden more and more, and I became more and more desirous of my sister-in-law.
– I’m telling you for the last time, you won’t think about me again, you won’t be sneaking into the bedroom through the hole in the toilet door.
– You were aware of all this, and you treated me like nothing happened, you’re a bitch.
He quickly got up and came over to me and slapped me hard in the face. I didn’t respond, I just said, I swear, you want me too. This time the slap was harder.
– Don’t be a jerk and talk to me properly. This topic will never be brought up again.
He said I was going to bed and went to the room half an hour later, I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep again, so I went into the room again, sat down on the floor and started watching him. I knew you were awake. He was aware that I was in the room and he was giving great freaks using the heat as an excuse. I couldn’t stand it and started masturbating again. He turned suddenly.
– You’re not a man, you asshole, get out
– I’ll put my stamp on the fact that you want me to sleep next to you, but I won’t do it until you tell me that you want it too
– I’m telling you to get out
– Yes, you want me, auntie, but if you don’t tell me, I will always watch you and satisfy myself
– You fucking pervert are disgusting
She started crying, I was sad, I could approach slowly and say, I’m in love with you, understand, and I wiped away her tears.
– Don’t touch me how to fall in love with a human aunt
– If his sister-in-law falls in love with him, it will happen
– Please give up, I’ve always seen you as a brother
– Don’t beg just because there’s something wrong, you don’t want to, but because you’re in love with me
– I’m not
– You’re in love
– Yes, I’m in love with the fucking asshole, but nothing will ever happen between us, do you understand? nothing at all. Dec.
– Okay, you confessed, and that’s enough.
– If you do this again, I’ll tell your brother everything
– You can’t tell. What are you going to say, did your brother and I fall in love with each other?
– Look, I want you, but definitely don’t even try to lay a hand on me.
– Okay, I’ll wait until you want
– But I have to be crazy to want this
I gently placed a kiss on her cheek and left the room. Two weeks later, my father and mother went to the village. I was home alone. I was constantly dreaming about my aunt and masturbating. he’s not calling my girlfriend, and when he called, I was trying to hang up as soon as possible. My aunt was the only woman in my life now. The fact that I couldn’t get him made me more attached to him. I didn’t know what to do. My sister-in-law admitted that she was in love with me, but she definitely said not to touch me. Suddenly, a lightning bolt flashed in my brain.
I wonder if my sister-in-law wanted me to rape her. The only way to find out was to try. But I had to make a few preliminary attempts first. One day I went to their house. She was cooking in the kitchen. Since my mother was not at home, I mostly ate at them. I went into the kitchen and got stuck in the back, it was more than an hour before my brother arrived and I could do the first practice rounds. I said, what did you cook?
He didn’t answer, I slapped his thigh and asked him again. There’s no sound again, I said if you don’t answer immediately, I’ll lay you down and rape you. He laughed and said, I’m making a casserole. I knew something strange was going on.
– What are you laughing at
– What, should I cry?
– No, I’m sorry, but it was like a sly smile
– Is it normal what you’re doing, caressing your sister-in-law?
– You’re not opposing
– You’re not a man who will understand the words
– Stop insulting me.
– Why did you have to, you dirty pervert, you’re such a pervert
He was pushing me, he liked the idea of being raped, and I was sure he wanted it. But it wasn’t the right time because this was going to be our first relationship. Okay, I said stop it and went inside, lit a cigarette and started watching TV. Anyway, my brother was going to work at night two days later. I was going to rape my own brother’s wife too. That evening, I spent until morning planning how to give my aunt a lift and jerked off.
I didn’t give a fuck to be able to feed my aunt the next day and not stay halfway. I was constantly eating sweet things and trying to increase my strength. And two days had expired. My brother called so that I will go to work at night and you can stay with us today. I said okay. I went into the bathroom and shaved my skirt. I put on nice smells and prepared myself for my aunt. In the evening, my nephews went to bed early again, my aunt had not changed her clothes.

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