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Our sex life started to become monotonous. We looked for changes.
We thought of recording our sex on video and watching it. While I was thinking of someone to use the camera
, my friend Hamdi came to mind.
We have a long family friendship with Hamdi . He was alone as his wife went to Germany for official proceedings
. We talked to Hamdi. I had a hard time explaining the subject
. We agreed that he would come to us on the weekend. At home, I
told my wife about Hamdi. Although my wife accepted this idea, when the job got serious,
she got very excited and even seemed to give up for a while. At the weekend, my wife wore a normal skirt and a blouse. It looked very plain
. Of course he was very excited. Me too. my wife thong suit
she was wearing underwear. When Hamdi came, my wife did not leave the kitchen for a while.
After waiting for my wife’s excitement to subside a bit, we got to work.
We started by kissing my wife standing up first.
Meanwhile, I was stroking my wife’s buttocks .
I started stroking her hips with my hands under her skirt as I started kissing her neck . my wife’s back was turned to Hamdiye.
I was wondering what Hamdi would do when he saw my wife’s buttocks.
When I lifted the skirt up, my wife first wanted to protest and then gave up.
Gradually, my wife and I undressed. My wife’s bra was panties, I was
left with panties.

My wife could not turn to Hamdi’s side. We sat on the couch
and continued to make love. When I took off her bra and
started licking her breasts, my wife was playing with my dick with her hand in my panties. By
the way, Hamdi’s puffy tightness was evident even from his trousers. My wife
started to lick my erected dick by stripping my underpants.
Hamdiye was
displaying all the beauties of her buttocks as she licked me by bending over.
Hamdi would occasionally stop filming and watch us , stroking his dick over his pants . I was blown away by the fact that my wife was driving Hamdi and licking my dick
. Hamdi could not stand it long and came to my wife and
touched her hip. I didn’t react either, but my wife was amazing.
It was clear that he was excited. He almost ripped my dick off.

When Hamdi realized that there was no objection, he continued.
He was stroking, kissing and licking my wife’s buttocks . When Hamdi tried to take off my wife’s thong
, when my wife grabbed it, I grabbed my wife’s hands
and put them on my dick again and told her to continue. Hamdi took
off the thong and licked my wife’s cunt. My wife was moaning terribly as Hamdi put his tongue on my wife’s

I sat my wife on my lap and I was stroking her breasts while she was fucking like that.
Hamdi took the camera and was with us while we were shooting. My wife
noticed Hamdi’s swelling dick and started to caress it. He opened the zipper and started caressing
it. Hamdi left the camera completely and delivered his dick to my wife.
When he pulled down his pants, Hamdi’s erect dick was in the middle. and my wife
attacked the wound. On the one hand, my wife was fucking on my lap and licking Hamdi’s cock on the other hand
. We made love for hours but I
didn’t let Hamdi fuck my wife. But he licked and caressed my wife all over

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