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I returned to my hometown for the first time after 4 years from abroad. I came back because it was the wedding of my uncle’s eldest son, otherwise there was no plan to return. Actually, I don’t like my uncle very much. We met for the last time almost 10 years ago, but my uncle’s son, who is going to get married, was the one for me. I loved him very much, we used to talk to him all the time while abroad, on the computer, on the phone, and when he called me, I couldn’t help but fail. First, I landed in Izmir by plane and my father took me from the garage. I hadn’t seen him for a long time. The one who was out of sight was also out of the heart. When I saw it in front of me suddenly, my hands and feet were completely empty. Even though I tried hard not to cry, a few drops of tears fell from my eyes.

My father, on the other hand, was more professional. No matter how emotional he was, he held back tears. He jokingly shrugged my shoulders and said, “Abroad is good for you. You’ve become like a lion.” He said. He said. At that moment I recognized him, our grocery store Uncle İrfan. He had changed a lot since I saw him. His hair had officially turned gray in 4 years. After a little chat, I went home. After I had a longing with my mother, I had dinner and retired to my room. I missed my room, I really spent some time in my room.

We sat down to dinner. There was a nice conversation going on at the table. My father said, “Son, go to bed early. Tomorrow at 6 o’clock we will go to the airport. From there, we will go to Erzurum. Wow, you didn’t see your uncle very often, why did you come to the wedding without inviting us?” He said, “I still don’t see my uncle, but my cousin is different for me. I always talked to him abroad. I couldn’t hurt him when I invited him.” I said. Meals were eaten, my father started to drink his rakı.

I took a shower to get dressed and took a shower with cold water and got dressed, then we left the house. After completing the flight procedures, there was about 20 minutes left to take off. We headed to the gates when the time came and we took our seats. I slept a little more on the plane. My mother woke me up near the landing. We landed in Erzurum. Finally, we took a taxi and went to my uncle’s house. They lived in a small village. My fathers had migrated from Erzurum at the time. My uncles continued to plow the land left by my grandfather, so they did not come there. When we arrived at my uncles house, the greetings were over and I retired to his room with my cousin. My aunt was not there. for some reason at home and we chatted with my cousin.

My cousin always said to me, “Thank you, you quit your job and came all the way from America.” He said, “It doesn’t matter, our cousin is getting married once and if we are not going to come to him, what did I understand from that.” I said. There was a knock on the door around 15.30. After a while, one of the children opened the door. A woman’s voice said, “Is your uncle here?” My cousin said, “My moms came too.” We left the room and met my aunt in the hallway. My aunt suddenly said, “My lion.” she said and hugged my neck. I was getting a little aroused as her breasts pressed against me. My aunt still hasn’t changed, she hasn’t gained any weight. It was just the right size and protruding. It was slightly fishy, ​​but not fat.

When I saw my aunt, there was a movement in me again. I couldn’t recognize her daughter when I saw her behind her. She was small when I last saw her, but now she was a 19-year-old girl. Her name was Dilan. She was upright in height and a little small in her hips but full. I smiled and said, “There’s more, auntie.” I said. He laughed and said, “What more? You’re almost 30 years old.” He said. And I said, “We’ll see, we’re still young.” I said. ‘ he said, and laughed, patting my shoulder.

I was surprised by Aunt’s underbelly joke. Although there was only the two of us in the room, I thought maybe she did it because we were alone. After my aunt laughed, “I’ll look at the food.” She said and got up. She went to the kitchen, wriggling her hips. In Dilan, my Aunt was wearing a headscarf normally, but even though we were in the house, they wore comfortable clothes without wearing a headscarf. We ate and drank for 2 days and finally came to the wedding evening. My aunt wore a tight purple dress. she wore long sleeves and a skirt that went down to her ankles. But it was tight and the cleft of her hips was clearly visible. While having fun at the wedding, I was cutting my aunt’s amazing hips.

My aunt once said, “Come with me, Mert.” We went inside the house and said, “Help me with the cakes.” She was getting tangled while picking up the trays on the floor and it stayed that way for a long time. My dick got up again but I tried not to look at it saying it was my aunt. But I have never seen a woman with such beautiful hips even in America. Besides, my aunt was about 50 years old. I tried to bring it lightly to sex. At first, we were having normal conversations. “Auntie, you gave birth to 6 children, but your body is still great. How do you keep your shape?” I said.

If it was wrong, I would dismiss it by saying I asked because I was curious, but if he answered, I would move on. My aunt smiled and said, “We have our own secrets, of course.” He said. Just as we were about to advance the conversation, the children came in and the conversation broke down. That night, the wedding ended around 1 o’clock, and when I entered my room, I immediately undressed and threw myself on the bed.

But I couldn’t sleep. My cock was upturned and wouldn’t let me sleep. It reminded me of itself all the time. When it was close to 2 o’clock, when my cousin and his wife’s making love sounded next to me, I was completely freaked out. I got up to go to the bathroom to go to the bathroom. I found it sitting in front of my cousin’s door. I went up to her and whispered, “What are you doing here, Aunt, at this hour?” I said. My aunt said, “I’m listening to your cousin.” He said, “Why?” I said. he said and laughed. So I said, “Don’t wait here too long. Maybe my uncle has needs.” I said laughingly, “Oh! Ah! Your uncle retired from that job.” He said.

I would never expect such words from my aunt wearing a turban. he said and showed my dick with his eyes. It was visible like a pumpkin from under my sweatpants. I said. said.

We entered my room and my aunt locked the door and kissed my lips. I never thought that my aunt would be so brave. I was stroking, squeezing and slapping her cheeks to the fullest. When my aunt finished kissing, she took off my undershirt and threw it aside and sucked my nipples lightly. Then she got up, lifted me up against the wall and took off my sweatpants with my boxer. He said and started sucking. My aunt was literally sucking my dick like a pornstar.

He was sucking so well that I could hardly hold myself not to ejaculate. When my aunt started to caress my balls by her hands, I couldn’t help it and I ejaculated in her mouth.

After scooping them up and swallowing them, she smiled and snuggled into my dick again. She sucked for a very short time, then stood up. She turned around and said, “Put my zipper down.” He said. I started.

My aunt was pressing me against her breasts. I was sucking on those soft white breasts even though I was about to choke. My aunt said, “Oohhhh.” He was saying, I was getting horny even more. Later, I couldn’t stand my aunt and suddenly grabbed her by the legs and took her in my lap, leaned against the wall and started sucking her breasts again. My aunt was laughing and saying, “Come on, coach.” When I let go of her breasts, my aunt immediately ran to the bed. Lying on her back, “Take off my panties, lion. Come on, lick your aunt’s cunt.” said. When I took off her panties, her pussy was in front of me like a cream. She didn’t even have a feather on her and I started sucking. My aunt said at that moment, “Uhhh! Ahhh!” he groaned. As my aunt groaned, I started to lick faster.

While my aunt was about to untie her turban, “Stop, don’t untie it, aunt.” I said. He looked angrily and said, “Don’t call me Aunt.” He slapped me and said, “Don’t untie it, my love.” I said. He laughed and said, “Okay, love.” said. I licked my aunt’s cunt for 10 minutes and my aunt just had an orgasm. But it emptied so much that the bed sheet became water. My bed and face were washed with the pleasure waters flowing from my aunt’s pussy. As it is understood, my aunt had not ejaculated for a long time. “Ohh!” He said and said, “Come on, my lion, fuck your wife. Smash.” said. The veins of my dick were well defined and it looked like it was going to explode. I needed to relax right away and I suddenly stuck my dick in my aunt’s pussy. My aunt “Ahhh!” I covered his mouth with my hand when he shouted. My aunt was making different sounds on the one hand, but her eyes were filled with pleasure.

After a while, I opened my mouth. While my aunt was moaning, I was getting into her cunt very quickly. I didn’t get that pleasure from the most beautiful woman in America. I had found the hidden treasure in my aunt. As I was fucking my aunt. I said. My aunt was very pleased and said, “Fuck off, fuck your cousin’s mother.” she said. Now our abusive speeches were increasing and after 15 minutes I was ejaculating like a piss for my aunt. I used to fill 1.5 cups of tea with my aunt’s offspring. we said. We were both really happy, but it wasn’t enough. I lay next to my aunt and said, “There is a world, my love, I am so relieved.” I said.

My aunt was “Superb.” He simply said. A little moaning sound came from the side as we were both panting. My cousin was emptied. My aunt laughed and said, “Ours is also emptied.” said. After laughing, I got on my aunt again and said, “Can I fuck your ass, my love?” I said.

“Sure.” He laughed. said. My aunt got into the crooked position. When I separated her hips, there was an asshole in front of me. I immediately spit out and fingered a little. When my two fingers started to go in easily, I let go of my dick and pressed it to his ass. With my suppression, my aunt said, “Ahh!” said. I took off her turban and threw it away and wrapped her black hair in my hand and pressed it to the pillow. I was slapping my aunt’s hips while I was fucking her ass fast.

I wanted it to never end, but when I realized that I was going to ejaculate, I came out of it and started to ejaculate towards her hips. After fertilizing her buttocks, I threw myself on my back on the bed. I was officially melted. said. He kissed my lips and left my room and I fell asleep.

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