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In those long and boring days, we used to play astroturf matches with friends from the neighborhood towards the evening in the summer. On days like these, while we were playing football on the field, I would sometimes see our neighbor’s son Ünal a little far from the field, either riding a bicycle or fighting with children who were not his age. Unal auburn was a man with a height of 170 cm and a fish meat of around 65 kg. Back then, high school was going to two. She resembled a girl with both her hairlessness and her baby-faced face. His demeanor and behavior were also compatible with his physical structure, that is, he was a little broken. His peers, who knew this side of him, would beat him occasionally when they were bored. I even witnessed that a few of them panicked at this child and Ünal ran away from them and cursed.

Unal’s mother, Aysel sister, and my mother were friends, sometimes sister Aysel would come to us and chat with my mother. When he came, he used to bring his son Ünal and his little daughter Sonay to us from time to time. If we go back to that day, I had a fight in the astroturf match, I was returning home from boredom. I saw Ünalı and the people next to him on the way. Children who were the same age as Ünal were teasing Üna and squeezing their hips, and slapping them when the child pushed them and cursed. Until then, I was not very interested in the beating and harassment of Ünal by his friends, but because I was depressed and looking for a place to fight, I slapped the dogs that were taunting Üna with a couple of slaps and said to Ünal: “What kind of man are you, don’t let yourself be crushed” and pulled him by the arm. We lived in the same building, they were twice as low as us. When Unal entered the apartment and said that his mother was not at home, I had to take him to us.

We were hungry, we sat in front of the TV after eating sandwiches together, but in the middle of the afternoon, we got bored and switched to the computer because there was no shit on the TV. Unal moved to the computer desk, and I sat on the sofa bed in the back. Unal was constantly saying, “Thank you, Saffet brother, for protecting me.” The sun was hitting our room and for the first time I noticed the splendor of Unal’s arms and legs in that intense light atmosphere. Beneath her were light blue shorts that ended an inch above her knees, and her legs were so shapely and feminine as far as I could see that if you mounted those legs directly on a woman, you would definitely not know that they belonged to a man. His arms were just as slender and weak. There was not a single feather on his white arms and legs.

Even though I wanted to stop myself, I continued to examine Ünal. His lips were red and thin. I wanted to kiss her thin eyebrows, small green eyes, and slightly pinkish cheeks. First I wanted to kiss him slowly, I wanted to hold the corner of his lip, then hold it under his chin and kiss his lips.
My dick was up, and my heart was pounding.

All of a sudden, I jumped on Ünal and grabbed him tightly and pulled him to me. I
kissed Ünal’s neck, cheeks and the corner of his lips for minutes. Towards the end, Ünal turned his head to my side and lifted his hand from my sweaty hand, slowly grabbed my cheek and pulled me towards the middle of his lips. I was kissing Ünal’s lips moaning as my love, his thin lips were disappearing into my mouth and lips, with my hard bites his lips were accompanied by his groans and bitter moans. We got up slowly, Unal pushed the chair forward and turned his back to me to make room for us, pushing the chair forward a little. In those moments that lasted for seconds, I took off my boxers, fuckit was red. While pushing Unal’s seat forward, I couldn’t stand his curving hips to make me angry, and I dived in by lowering his shorts and panties. I was rubbing my dick between Unal’s white, sweet, plump ones.

Unalda pressed herself towards me. It felt like my heart was going to burst with excitement. Unal was breathing fast and groaning slightly, my dick was swollen. Unal was leaning closer to me, with one hand I first pulled up his white t-shirt and started to stroke it with my hand from above his waist to his belly, chest and nipples. We were both on fire, we were on fire. I couldn’t stand it… Unal didn’t look back in that 10 seconds. I was naked myself. At those moments, I could not contain my excitement and anger. Even if the world went down, disgrace, and it ended in court, I would have fucked the famous man loudly. I pulled him to myself and made him face me. I think my face looked like a wild animal, and Unal was looking at my dick with his head red, his lips parted.

She was so cute her face…I took off her T-shirt, her pink nipples and white smooth breasts and her tiny tummy. I couldn’t help but stare at his face carefully. I grabbed her chin with my hand and lifted her head so she could look at me. We were eating each other with our eyes. I clung to his lips without stretching, and we slumped on the bed. It was tiny for me. Although he missed his lips the first time, my lips encircled his tiny, thin lips. I was sticking my tongue in your mouth, our tongues were dancing. After a few minutes, he lifted his hands from the bed and placed them on my back. I, on the other hand, was stroking her soft blond hair and stroking her nipples with my hands. With my small sweet bites, Unal had thickened and started to moan. I rested my head on his beautiful neck and kissed him down to his shoulders. Her body was a complete shiny smooth girl body,

Slowly savoring it, I came to her breasts, while I was stroking her breasts with one hand, while I was gently licking and soaking her nipples with my tongue. Unal’s groans were getting louder, she was moaning like a young girl, short and often, ahh ahh. I straightened up and brought my cock, ready to explode, to the level of Ünal’s mouth. Unal immediately straightened up and grabbed my dick and began to tongue and lick it. I felt like I was going to explode. I grabbed his head and shoved it into his mouth. “here’s my wife….my little boy princess….ahhhh… bitch you are amazing …. I’ll warm you up soon…I’ll fill your sweet hole, my beautiful…”I made her mouth and face clatter by making animal-like sounds. nal immediately ran to the bathroom. When he arrived a few minutes later, he took his t-shirt and headed for the door without even looking at me. I quickly got up and ran to the door, I was naked and the door was open.

Holding Ünal at the top of the stairs, I let him back into the house, albeit with some force. If someone outside saw us like this, it would probably be a rattle. Unal kept saying “I will go, I will go” in a tearful voice. He was obviously scared. I was trying to convince him by closing the door, and his squinting and tearful voice had turned me on again. Lifting his head, I forcefully started kissing his lips. This time he was more vicious, but I was determined. I slapped his face as he bit my lip. I cupped her hips under her shorts with my hands, she was squeezing herself. But I let it dissolve by stroking it, kissing it, saying nice words. Now that hairless, sexy boy was driving the kiss. My fingers were in the hole, the inside of his panties were wet, we were both sweaty and wet, but we wanted each other madly. I got rid of Ünal’s lips and pulled down his shorts, His tiny dick hadn’t even risen. I was hit again when he turned his hips towards me…

It was white, smooth, plump and protruding. I was slowly stroking her curves with my hands, licking them wet and giving kisses. I opened her hips a little more and looked at her hole, and there wasn’t a single hair. I wanted to lick this hole for a long time. “My wife,” he said, straightening up and holding me in my lap, and he was looking at me with bewilderment. We got under the shower together. The water wet our hair, it was flowing from Ünal’s exquisite body. I couldn’t help but pressed my lips against his, his back against the tile. I put my cock on her hips. We kissed for a long time and now I was dying to fuck Ünal. I soaped her body and hole with my hands.

We dried off together and came to the bed in my room. I grabbed Unal’s chin and gave him a kiss and said, “You’re going to call me your husband from now on”. Then I put it in a crouched position in bed. After grabbing her gorgeous hips, I started to dilate her hole. Unal; My husband was moaning my love. I oiled the hole with a little bit of Vaseline on
my finger. I slowly inserted my thumb. He took it in, groaning. When I put my two fingers in the same way, I realized that it was thickened. I started to lightly poke the head of my thick, iron-hard cock. Unal’s moans turned into shouts, he was shouting so much that I started to fear that someone around would hear. He yelled “don’t” when he put my head in a bit of a sudden movement. “Do not be afraid, my wife, slowly,” I calmed down. I put my whole dick in with a little wiggle and a little yelling.

Unal was in pain, but each time I stabbed him, his pain decreased and his pleasure increased. It was warm inside, Ünal was going in and out of them by slapping his hips. he was screaming. Gradually he got used to it, now he was just moaning and saying “husband”. I exploded into Ünal. Then I lay next to him, it was as if I had played two astroturf matches in a row. I fucked my neighbor’s gay son, I fucked a high school student. I fucked my mom’s best friend’s son. It was the first time I had been with a man. It was the first time I had ejaculated like this. What did I do? New questions were added to these questions and my head was overflowing with these questions that I came out of this shock with Unal’s tongue strokes that wet my cock.

He sucked and licked my dick so well that I pulled it out of his mouth that was close to ejaculation and ejaculated on his face. Then I wiped the semen on his face with my hands, took Ünalı in my arms and kissed him and took him to the shower.

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