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Peaks of Pleasure With My Cousin Yaren I
have written about the summer experiences with
my niece . Another day like this, while I was watching a movie alone at home, Yaren said she would come to me by texting me right after, my aunt called me, she wanted to come to me to study, she said, if you are available, come to us, will I miss this opportunity? Ours doesn’t have a key, I have to stay at home so she should come here, I said .then my half was with me, as soon as he came, he hugged and you

he said i miss you so much darling and he kissed my lips
immediately, i started to suck on his lips and
took him to the living room by hugging him, when he saw that i was watching a movie,
he said, are you masturbating by watching this, i said no, i’m ejaculating thinking about your body and
started to caress your body, i took off his sweater and exposed his
breasts which i sucked with pleasure, I could have ejaculated many times just by watching those breasts
. I woke them up by touching my tongue to their nipples, they were hazelnut -sized and burly, I was trying to put
my hands inside her pants while I was sucking her nipples . I started to run my hands over her panties by unzipping it, my wife was moaning with pleasure, holding my hand to take it further

she wanted to “press it harder, come on” she said, but it
gave me great pleasure that she begged and went crazy with pleasure, I grabbed her hand and tucked it
into her sweatpants, her tiny hands were running over my penis, we got up and
undressed, laying her on the sofa, I spread her legs, her organ
smelled good in the neck and it was warm, my tongue swelled as I touched it, groaning in my ears, i started to put it in my tongue
by separating the lips of her cunt with my hand, the inside of her cunt was warm and slippery, as her newly plucked hairs touched my face, I was taking sadistic pleasure , i was biting her lips, with my tongue blows, soon it was discharged and the waters of pleasure I licked it with my tongue, so sweet…then I went to the sofa

i lay down and my dick started to suck me, he took my balls in his mouth, he pulled my balls in his mouth
and let go hard, i was pressing his head with pleasure while he was sucking my penis, he
was biting my dick, he
comforted me with his hands and tongue,
he took it out of his mouth when it was about to burst and poured my
sperm into his chest, then when he went to the bathroom to wash I felt myself I was getting ready again
, he came and sat on my lap, he was rubbing my dick on his cunt, I was sucking his ear
and neck, he went crazy and said “fuck me man, I want you to fuck me
many times, fuck my pussy, my ass all over”, I
couldn’t ignore this call, I
stood up and slowly sat it on my dick , her pussy was narrow and
that little pink well was just mine, it started to move slowly on my lap
, then she started to sit up quickly with the pleasure she got, I could
n’t contain her screams, I
was trying to cover her mouth with one hand while grabbing her breasts with the other, she couldn’t stand it anymore and
she started yelling that I’m ejaculating, she
lifted the crevice from my lap and started to walk on the carpet. i lay it on her, i lifted her right leg
up, the little pink hole was right in front of me now
i buried them all at once with a hard blow my little cunt, pain and pleasure
were writhing under me, taking her breasts in my mouth,
i started pouting and biting, soon I came out to ejaculate and my
belly button I poured all my semen on your hole, together from the ground
we got up and went to the bathroom, she didn’t sit idle while she was washing her belly in the tub. I was getting her
little back hole ready to be fucked with my hands . she was freaking out and moaning as i touched her body, i started to run my hands that were slippery from shampoo over her pussy , her little hole was still warm, i was driving her crazy by sucking her neck, neck and earlobe , “I want to feel you inside me again, my pussy is burning with the heat of your dick, fuck me man” she said inside

i messed up and shampooed my hand again and
started forcing the black pearl of the rim, now my finger could easily go inside it, i placed my dick in her ass
hole and started to get into her ass slowly, she has very
tight hips and i
love to squeeze those buttocks while i fuck,
now i’m completely inside and getting faster and faster I started to fuck your ass , because our bodies were wet, my balls hit her hips
at every blow and the sound made me get very angry, after a while I jerked and ejaculated into the wound, saying it wasn’t finished yet, she took it in her mouth and started sucking my dick again, after I lifted her legs apart she placed her pussy and came out on my lap, on my lap

i was licking her hips while jumping i was biting her lips with pleasure now she
accelerated with pleasure and ejaculated again moaning, she
got off my lap and started sucking my dick she
was squeezing my balls with her hand, soon I squirted towards her lips she
swallowed all my sperm without interruption and cleaned my dick with her tongue, then
we took a shower together while stroking each other. He kissed my lips
and said he wanted it again in my ears. We meet again at every opportunity and
make love many times with yaren, my aunts
thank me for teaching me, they don’t know that the lesson is sex…

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