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Dear friends, the event that I am going to tell you took place 2 years ago and
it is still going on. We have a very nice sex life with my wife, and my wife is 1.78 meters
tall, 65 kilos of brown hair, and it’s a disaster you can understand.
Anyway, my wife has been very grumpy lately, so you can see that I couldn’t feed her in bed

He was trying not to let me off but this. At the weekend, my
old school friend named Levent from Antalya
asked if he had a job in Istanbul and could he stay with us, so I immediately invited him.

By the way, my wife’s name is Sevim, by the way, that evening, Levent came and ate the food or
something, while saying life and things, Levent asked for leave and went to bed, so we went to
the bedroom and slept with love. It was like 3 o’clock at night, I realized that my love was not with me, and
I said that she went to the toilet. But 10 minutes
hadn’t come yet.

I said let’s get up and see and I heard some noises coming from inside the voices were coming from the room where the levent was sleeping when I
opened the door lightly he was
licking levent’s cock watered and watered boiling water
was pouring on my head but for some reason I was strangely aroused and decided to watch my wife licking the levent
‘s dick, licking her leventhoooooo
I haven’t licked such a beautiful cock in a long time.

Levent was saying that soon that cock will shatter your ass in amini, don’t worry

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