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Greetings, I’m Metin. I am 21 years old and a university student. I’m going to tell you about the best thing that happened to me, maybe the best thing of my life. I started dating a girl in my freshman class in college. My girlfriend, who is a very conservative person, was someone who did not even allow contact in any way. I liked him, I wanted to fuck with him, but he was closed to everything, she. As a matter of fact, I was patient because I loved him, I behaved however he wanted. We spent a year like this together. Gradually, the handshakes began. In the second grade, I rented a house with my two boyfriends and went home. My feelings towards my girlfriend have also increased. She would come to us from time to time, we were eating and drinking together and chatting. By the way, I was still waiting for him to temper. I made it clear to him in various ways that I wanted to fuck with him and I expected a reaction from him. He is very embarrassed at first, when I bring this subject up, he immediately changes it and wants to get up and leave. When it came to sex, she simply avoided me. Two or three more months passed like this. I was sure he wanted to fuck now but he didn’t show it. Again one day I was sitting at home with my girlfriend, my friends were at school and we were alone. When I brought the subject back to sex, he said to me, “I’m very curious, the hole is so small, how does the penis get into the vagina?” she asked. I told a little, he was embarrassed and again closed the subject. The pan that my girlfriend wanted was finally arriving. I wanted to fuck her so much that I can’t explain. Then our visas started and we were studying at home. There were my housemates in the living room because the stove was on. As it is known, we were burning a single stove because it was a student house. My girlfriend said that she didn’t understand anything about the course that we were going to have a visa, so I started to explain. I was telling but my girlfriend was not listening, she was constantly playing with my hand, biting my hand, trying to hurt me. When I looked, I knew from his eyes, he was ready this time… I gestured for him to come to the other room and left the room. He came a little later. We started kissing without saying anything. We were kissing like crazy. He was sucking on my tongue as if trying to dislodge it. After the kissing part, we started talking a little bit. He was leaning his head on my lap, looking at me admiringly. The ropes were in my hands now, I was going to drive him crazy. I noticed that his sweater had been pulled up and his belly was open. The time had come, I had to start the action. First I started by placing little kisses on his belly, then I was now licking his belly. My girlfriend was squirming, groaning lightly. I accelerated the licking, but I was only licking his belly, not going forward. I knew that the sequel would come, I was in no hurry, I was waiting for him to be thoroughly aroused. While I continued to lick his belly, he put his hand on my dick through my pants and started rubbing it tightly. Then he straightened up and stretched out his legs and was wearing trousers. He was looking into my eyes as if to say (Come on now!). I sat between our legs, both clothed, and fucked my cock. As a matter of fact, I wanted so badly to rob him at once, but I was determined, I was going to drive him crazy. I started rubbing your pussy over my pants. Believe me, it never leaves my mind. My girlfriend even took extreme pleasure in friction. What I wanted, my expectations were slowly coming true. As I keep rubbing, my girlfriend, “Can you take off your pants? It hurts that way.” said. I took off my pants, my boxer was left on me. I started rubbing it again. After a while, my girlfriend took off her own pants. I held on again with the boxer and those panties, as if nothing had happened, and continued rubbing. He told me to take off my boxers. I’m out. My girlfriend took my cock and started rubbing it. She didn’t know what to do, I told her to put it in her mouth, she was disgusted, “No, I can’t!” she said. I got on it again and continued rubbing. My girlfriend tried to take off her own panties. I held their hands and prevented them, I did not have them removed. Actually, I was crazy to see her cunt naked, but I was waiting for it to turn a little bit harder. She began to beg, “I can’t take it anymore, please… At least it’s worth once, just once!” she said. My girlfriend had found her way at work. “All right. ‘ I said and took off his panties. The woman I had dreamed of for so long was now naked in front of me. Her cunt was watering with pleasure, even the area around her cunt was drenched. My girlfriend was lying down, literally squirming when I started rubbing her pussy with my hand. A moment later, she said, “Come on, it’s worth it, please…” she said. First I ran my cock on her legs and then I touched her pussy. It was such an Ohh that it was still in my ears, as if I had put ice on the flame. I wasn’t pressing my cock, I was just rubbing it in your cunt’s mouth. My girlfriend was really mad, “Put a little something in it!” She was saying she, I wasn’t doing it. Then I pulled away and started licking her cunt with a sudden movement. At first she was against my licking, but when she enjoyed it, she started to press my head as if she wanted to fuck it. While I was licking her cunt, she started to tremble and contract, I knew she was going to ejaculate. As I accelerated her cunt licking, it jerked off, He moaned to orgasm. It was as if he lost himself, I was so afraid that my friends in the hall would hear my moans. It was clear that he had never ejaculated before, but that he liked it very much. She wiped her pussy with Selpak, and I wiped my mouth. Then she started playing with my cock. Then she pulled me over and grabbed my cock and brought her to her pussy. This time he was rubbing my cock. She tried to poke my cock’s head in her cunt by pressing it a few times, but she didn’t know the dry cock wouldn’t get into that tight pussy that way. “Wait a second…” I spat on the head of my cock, spitting a little on my girlfriend’s pussy and saying, “Try it now!” I said. When he tried again, the head of my cock had gone in. He gripped my cock tightly with his hand, hesitant to stick the rest in or not. If she continued, her maidenhood would be gone. We were both motionless with excitement and fear. After looking deeply into my eyes, he stopped holding my cock and said, “I want to be yours, come on!” she said and closed her eyes, holding her breath, waiting. I pressed my dick a little. I had a hard time at first, but it was very tight. And worst of all, my girlfriend started shouting, I covered her mouth. I was so damn heavy that my cock went all the way to the bottom. It was as if something was torn inside her cunt, frankly, I was afraid that something would happen. I was in it now, in the pussy I had dreamed of for a year and a half! Her pussy was so narrow and hot that I can’t tell. My girlfriend had stopped yelling, I took my hand away from her mouth and slowly started pushing her pussy in and out. My girlfriend was moaning with pleasure now. I was accelerating as he groaned. After quite a few fucks like this, my girlfriend’s voice completely stopped and went blank. I was about to come too I pulled my bloodied cock out of her cunt and ejaculated on her belly. That day I fucked my girlfriend’s tight cunt three more times. Of course, I wasn’t ejaculating on his cunt, I was taking my dick out of his cunt at the last second and ejaculating like that. Afterwards, very good days awaited us. My girlfriend started to stay with us from time to time. We were fucking until the morning, but I wasn’t unprepared like the first day, of course, I was buying the condoms in the box now. Yes, friends, this is my confession. It’s really fun to fuck a virgin girl. Both virgins’ pussies are fresh and tight, and they are very horny We were fucking until the morning, but I wasn’t unprepared like the first day, of course, I was buying the condoms in the box now. Yes, friends, this is my confession. It’s really fun to fuck a virgin girl. Both virgins’ pussies are fresh and tight, and they are very horny We were fucking until the morning, but I wasn’t unprepared like the first day, of course, I was buying the condoms in the box now. Yes, friends, this is my confession. It’s really fun to fuck a virgin girl. Both virgins’ pussies are fresh and tight, and they are very horny

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