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my sister-in-law was very sexy and had a great body and was
a maverick girl who liked to have fun and drink. She was like that even though she grew up in the village. We drank together at the time,
but she wasn’t very durable. Over time, her sexy moves drove me crazy by blowing up her tiny breasts
. Whatever I did, he
neither snapped nor
surrendered . When the two of us were left alone, she said, “Come to the village, I will have no one else, I will have a mother, let’s get together alone, I’m waiting.” The sister-in-law is gone. It was mid-September

Even if it was difficult, I took permission to make excuses and leave.
I bought a lot of drinks and bought gifts for mother-in-law and herself and
went to the village for two days. It was evening, two guests came and went. When I asked your mother-in-law why you
came alone, I was going to say it was a bit of a hassle. She is squeezing the girl’s head
and nagging
all the time. She said. The sister -in-law has
thought of everything
. he said do it.

We started drinking with the sister-in-law. She was wearing a long skirt and a
short-sleeved shirt on her feet. She was wearing a red bra with two buttons and
her breasts were small, so she was getting lost in the bra. She
was drinking too fast. The conversation deepened. We were talking about sex. I was 31 years old.
I was married for 4 years. The sister-in-law was twenty-seven years old . He was not married
. I was blue-eyed, light blonde, 1.85 m tall. He said that
you had been with women before you got married. He said, tell someone
it. I asked
him one day and he said that your sister got both a handsome and big thing. He said look.
He said how comfortable we are. I said I’m not comfortable, I said jokingly, I
wore shorts on my feet and came with an undershirt. I said do you have anything. He said no. He said no. He said no. I said it was in vain, then I said I
need to enjoy some things girl
. We were also listening to music so that the noise would not be heard. We drank a lot.
he was looking me in the eye, I kissed and caressed , I was going to undress. He said he would go to a sink
and check on my mother, he came and went.
I made him sit on my lap and kissed and started to love . I took my bra off and fell on my
breasts. He stopped tensing himself. He
started to move, rubbing his hands on my body. he said what a
big abo and started to sv
When he choked too much, he said he was sick to my stomach and came out
. His mother woke up with his moaning. He was told a lot. He said I drank a little bit of my drink. He said go to bed late
, bitch, my son, sleep with you. He signaled I forgot the viera because I would come,
I drank it. It was 12 o’clock at night . His mother had a heavy sleep. I was tired of waiting.
Viagrada It was having an effect.
I undressed well, I was pulling the sheet and waiting. I would wait a bit and go and remove it if it leaked
the doorbell was heard. the place I was staying was open, he covered it and pulled the bolt and entered the
room. he lay next to me. I was stroking
It was like. I fell on the breasts. We were making love like crazy. I brought it to the 69 position
. I brought it to the 69 position. She licks her pussy like a box and she was sucking mine like crazy. Her pussy
was amazing. It was just right. I was turning her on her back and sucking on her breasts and rubbing her pussy. She
got up while putting
her tip on her. I was thinking. I was crazy. I wanted him too, my daughter was saying ‘chuck it’
. She hugged my neck and started crying. I understand you too.
I wasn’t going to go that far when calling here, I was going to give you a couple of strokes
. When I saw the big cock, I passed out. I said take your enthusiasm and
crooked. I said enter from the back, you can’t eat, but He said, “I’ll stay put. I said , your
friend is the daughter of a family who immigrated from abroad, then she is engaged.”
she eats it with pleasure, you don’t eat the cunt like a box. I said bring it tomorrow, give it a fuck
I twisted it again and started to enter from behind
halfway through it started to say it hurts to moan I slowly put it right in. It was crying and not enjoying it. I got out. He
hugged my neck he was crying he hurt me so much he said you hurt me
. My daughter, don’t lie under the cock that you can’t eat, you got me scabies. Mine was
like a pile. This is a glass of water. He poured raki and drank it all at once
. He said let me go for a walk. I said I want you tonight.
Neither you nor I can find such a dick, nor can I
find someone as big as a box with a stone chest. If you eat this, you would wish you had eaten it before. It’s very
enjoyable. If you want to give it, come back If you won’t give it to each his own way
I said. It was four in the morning. He went out and entered his mother’s place. They went to the washroom talking together. It could be
heard from the window. His mother said to go to bed. He said, “I’ll come
in the morning or something
the door was opened, the back was bolted. I’m not
interested. He undressed and got under the sheets. He started to kiss me. I came to my senses. We made great love. I started rubbing and sucking
on her breasts.
I was crazy. I wanted to be yours. Come on, I
couldn’t stand it. I didn’t care.
she was curling it
He threw me and hugged me. Tears were flowing from his eyes and he was crying. I immediately started to kiss and caress
and go back and forth. It came out quickly and I ejaculated. Everywhere was canoes,
he hugged my neck and said my wife. His sister
-in-law was dead until 2006. He was staying with us. I fucked him like my wife. We had a lot
of adventures, I will write later

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