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Hi, I’m Derya from Antalya. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 24 years old and I am an accountant. When my boyfriend, whom I dated for 3 years, whom I loved like crazy and was planning to marry, left me, I was very upset and offended at life. From now on, I was going to marry the person my family saw fit. Because my family had given me a chance to marry someone I wanted, when that didn’t happen, what they said came true. They asked for a mechanical engineer named Ali, one of his close family friends, and my father gave it to me. I am a very hot lady, I love making love. My ex-boyfriend was so horny. Yet, however much we made love, it was always in the form of superficial friction. According to my friend, what we did was called ‘Brushing’ or ‘Whitewashing’. Ali had a very calm personality. But I was wrong, Ali was not lunch at all, on the contrary, he was exactly the person I was looking for in terms of sex. We got married 6 months ago with Ali, now I want to tell you how I got fucked for the first time on the wedding night. After the wedding part, my husband and I left the hall and went straight to our house. Our house is a duplex villa with a garden. As soon as we walked through the door of the house, we started kissing passionately. My husband’s hands were running all over my body. He was stroking my breasts, hips, and cunt over my wedding dress. Then he slid his hand under my wedding dress and ran it over my pussy, grabbing my pussy like crazy over my panties. That’s when I noticed the bulge in front of him. In fact, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I started to get scared. Anyway, then he grabbed me and took me to the bedroom in his arms. He leaned me against the wall as we entered our bedroom. First, he started rubbing his dick on my ass while dressed. Then he leaned forward. He got under the hem of my wedding dress and stroked my cunt first over my thighs. He couldn’t stand it any longer because he pulled my panties to the side and started licking my cunt that I had just shaved yesterday. He was madly kissing, licking, sticking his finger in my pussy. Then he laid me on the floor and while I was on the floor he started licking my cunt and stroking my breasts. I was enjoying too much. My breasts were so swollen with pleasure that my bra couldn’t hold them. My cunt’s juice mixed with my husband’s saliva, soaking my panties well. I was like fire. I wanted to feel my husband’s dick inside of me and to be fucked as soon as possible. I’m begging him to fuck me now. He picked me up and placed me on the bed. He took them off. He was left with only boxers. He lay on the bed and called me over to him. He asked me to take off his boxers. Of course I took it off. As soon as I pulled it out, my husband’s cock shot out like an arrow and landed in my face. He grabbed his rocky, hairy cock and handed it to me. When I held my husband’s cock, it was pulsating. I started to stroke it with great excitement. By the way, his hairy balls were in front of my eyes like his cock. He was holding my neck and trying to get my head close to his dick, wanting me to lick his dick. Actually, I wanted to put his cock in my mouth too, but I liked to torture him. A little water started oozing from the tip of his cock and he was almost begging me to put it in my mouth. I kept stroking myself. All of a sudden, he muttered, “Take it in your mouth…” and started to press his cock against my mouth. I didn’t want to torture him too much and I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it. My husband is holding my hair and pressing my head hard, he was trying to put his whole dick in my mouth… My husband was naked and I was still in a wedding dress. She must have wanted to get rid of my wedding dress as soon as possible, so she took me under her with a sudden movement. After laying her face down, she unzipped my back and freed me from the wedding dress. Now I was left with just a bra and panties. He turned me on my back and started rubbing his dick on my ass over my panties. After a while I felt him trying to take off my bra. Of course she couldn’t. I had to take off my bra myself. He started licking my big breasts. I never expected that I would enjoy having my breasts licked so much, I was almost flying with pleasure. My husband came down licking my breasts, my belly. He slowly started to take off my panties. After a short while, he completely got rid of my panties, parted my legs and started licking my cunt. He takes my pussy lips, my clit in his mouth, he sucks; he was sticking his tongue in and out of my pussy, as if he was squeezing it with his tongue. Then he picked me up, lay down on my back, and made me sit on him in the 69 position. Now I was sucking his dick and he was sucking my pussy. Every now and then he would stick his index finger up to the first knuckle in and out of my ass. My pussy was extremely wet. The waters dripping from my pussy was running into my husband’s mouth and nose, and he was licking with delight. I was already starting to moan. Okay, 69 position, mutual blowjob was very enjoyable, but I couldn’t stand it for a second anymore, I wanted to be fucked. I straightened up and turned over my husband, facing him, to sit astride his cock. I grabbed his dick, brought my pussy close to his, just as I was going to sit on him, “Get up a second, lie on your back. ” he said and got me off him, laying me on his back. It opened my legs wide to both sides. He rubbed his dick’s head against my pussy’s lips. He asked me to part my cunt’s lips with my hands. I did what you said. In the meantime, he was brushing my cunt’s mouth and my clitoris with his cock. After a couple of brushes, he pushed me forward slightly, put his dick in my cunt hole, grabbed me by my groin and pulled me towards him… And slowly he started to get inside me. All of a sudden, he pressed his cock quickly into my cunt! It was a wonderful feeling, my husband’s cock like a stick was inside me until the end. For a brief moment I felt pain. I felt blood coming from my pussy, my hymen was gone. I finally gave my virginity to my husband. The moment I’ve been waiting for, missing and wondering for years has come, and I was getting bored. The pain I felt at first disappeared, I relaxed a lot and I started to enjoy being fucked more and more. Meanwhile, my husband had my legs on his shoulders, he thrust his dick all the way up my ass and sometimes he was loading very hard, as if he were going to stick his balls in, “Husband, my groin hurt, let’s change positions.” when he said, “Okay, wife, I’ll lie down, you go on top.” He lay on his back and I sat on his dick. I started to get up and down slowly at first, then quickly. As I sit and get up, the sounds coming from my pussy aroused my husband more, and he continued to fuck with great pleasure. After a while, we both ejaculated at the same time… I was soaked with sweat, my husband’s sperm had mixed with my pussy, we were soggy, we were all sticky. We went to the bathroom and took a shower together. After the shower we went back to our bedroom. Our fucking last night was awesome, but it wasn’t enough for us, we both weren’t full yet. She wants to taste all kinds of sex, We wanted to fuck in different positions. She tucked me into the vanity table and opened my legs. He put his dick in my ass from behind and entered slowly this time. He then picked up his pace and started to fuck my pussy fast. My cunt was swollen, pinkish in color from his hard blows. Every time he shoved his dick in my pussy, my hips were rippling, my pussy was going crazy. Looking behind me, I was saying crazy words, driving my husband even more. He was thoroughly enthused by my provocations, he was fucking my pussy like crazy. I guessed that it will discharge, I was wrong, it did not discharge. He took his dick out of my cunt and put it in my ass, but he didn’t sting. He was brushing my asshole with the head of his dick. He had just broken my maidenhood, and this time he intended to fuck my ass. When he shoved his dick’s head into my asshole, it was truly a mix of fear, pain, excitement, and pleasure. “It hurts so much, wait a second…” I said and took the baby oil from the drawer, gave it to my husband and said, “Oil it well.” I said. My husband oiled his cock first, then poured some into my asshole. Then he shoved his heavy dick up my ass. The fire in my pussy was now in my ass… My husband’s big cock was stuck in my narrow asshole, it was coming and going with difficulty. I was biting my lips to keep from screaming, I was moaning, I almost screamed. Despite this, he continued to fuck my ass like crazy. His dick was writhing in my ass, and I felt something expand inside me as I went in and out. But his cock was getting in and out of my ass more easily than before. It was accelerating. Then he ejaculated in my ass so much that his sperm gushed up to my stomach. After he leaned over me and remained motionless for a while and breathed, he got up from me and slowly began to pull and pull his cock. Actually, I would like your dick to stay inside me for hours, but I’m more “Pull it out.” He took it out before he could say it… The sperm started to overflow my ass and flow into my pussy. After cleaning my ass hole, flowing sperm and his dick with a paper towel on the make-up table, he lubricated his cock that hadn’t lost any of its hardness with baby oil and stuck it in my ass. This time I had one leg on the ground and the other in the air. After I fucked my pussy for a few minutes in this position, my knees were loose, it was a difficult position, I would get cramps all over me. I told my husband to sit on the edge of the bed and I sat on his lap, on his dick, with my back to him. In this position, I could feel his dick deep in my cunt. My husband was stroking my breasts from behind, while I was sitting on his dick and continuing to get up. Before long I had an orgasm, “I’m done.” But my husband said, “I’m not ejaculated yet.” When he said that, I got off his lap and knelt in front of him. I took his dick in my mouth and started licking and sucking it. I wanted to ejaculate my husband with my mouth, but my husband preferred to ejaculate between my breasts. He laid me on my back on the bed, got on top of me, cupped my breasts with his hands, and placed his cock between him. It came back and forth between my breasts… Then we went to the bathroom again, we took a shower together. That night, we made love, intermittently, until the morning, and fell asleep at around 06:30. The next day we slept for exactly 10 hours… Here it is, I gave my husband not only my front but also my back maiden on the wedding night. My husband and I make love every night,

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