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Hello, I am currently living in Germany and I am 17 years old, I have an older sister who is 1 year older and has a very sexy ass, I stayed in the same room together. She’s still going to school and hasn’t had any friendships with men until now, so anything related to men interests her a lot. Since I am also very shy at the same time, I have never had a girlfriend until now, and I am very fond of girls. In this face, I often relax myself after my sister sleeps. My parents rarely take care of us, I guess they have their own problems. . I don’t want to prolong it too much and I’ll try to tell you about that adventurous evening right away.

Just like every night, everyone went to their own bed and I couldn’t sleep. While trying to sleep on my face, I started to fuck my own bed in order to relax a little bit. At that time, my sister asked in a soft tone, “What’s going on, what are you doing?” Of course she can’t see what I’m doing. At that moment, my sister’s voice became my dream girl and now I started to fuck my sister’s tone and left her question unanswered at that moment. My sister started to ask curiously again, “Ah, what are you doing under the covers, are you doing something, are you in the harvest”? I seriously started to picture my sister in my mind, wondering what it would be like if I actually gave a fuck.”

Do you really want to know what I’m doing?” I replied to my sister. “What are you doing, tell me, don’t make me wonder, ahmet,” replied my sister. I can show you what I did. “My sister didn’t know what to answer at that time because she was embarrassed.

I get up to the toilet to break the silence, and I knowingly give out the side of my tight pants. While I was watching my sister with my side eye while I was going to the toilet, I could see the excitement and curiosity in her eyes. I turn to my sister and my sister is now facing my dick, she has focused all her attention on my dick. Of course, in this situation, I was very impressed and my waist officially flew out and became like an arrow. My sister was still lying on her back and could not take her eyes off her. I started to approach my sister’s bed slowly.”

Now my sister is going to show you what I’m doing in bed, “I’m telling you. My sister asks me “what are you going to show me silently and shyly”. I say “wait sister, I’ll come to you then you’ll see” Taking advantage of my sister’s silence, I immediately lay on her and started to act as if I would fuck her, but we both still have our pants on. I was now on my sister and she was slowly opening her legs so that she could move more easily. After a while, I took off my pants to get permission from my sister and now I started to search hard for the pussy hole under my sister’s pants. they were fucking. I started to take off her white underwear now, but my sister started to resist, she was very embarrassed.

My sister surrendered herself to me now because she was also wondering what it would feel like to fuck with a man. While I was taking off my sister’s underpants, my sister’s very hairy pussy caught my eye and I started to explore my sister’s pussy hole with my fingers among those black hairs. I’m trying to cream in front of my fucking sister’s eyes. My sister is watching the whole process very carefully. Now I put my dick on my sister’s pussy and try to move it around. My sister’s legs are starting to tremble.

I can’t stand it anymore and I dive into it with all my might. My sister screams and tries to throw me on her. It’s not possible to get out of that narrow hole anymore. It’s not possible to get out of this tight hole. With this noise, my mom and dad wake up and dive into our room. I’m still on my sister and I continue to pop my sister’s sweet and narrow hair cunt in front of my mother’s and father’s eyes non-stop. They just can’t believe how you fuck with her sister

Porn stories I can’t leave my sister either because I’m about to ejaculate at any moment. And finally, with a big snap and a shout, I ejaculate inside my sister’s pussy. When I get up on my sister in sweat, I see with my eyes how blood and blood are dripping on my sister’s face. Now my mother and father come to their senses and realize the event, they see how their only virgin young daughter is bored by her brother.

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