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We are a family that lives in switzerland, me, my wife and my daughter. My daughter is 18 years old and I
, 38. I used to think that my daughter’s interest in me is as much as any father’s interest in his daughter until
a few months ago, we used to hug me,
kiss me, play and sleep together. My wife always said that she was jealous of us
, we were really good together. One weekend, when my wife was at a Turkish Women’s
Association meeting, we were alone at home with my daughter. My daughter was very happy , she was bouncing
on me, she was constantly
touching and pressing her breasts and hips on me. It didn’t bother me at all that my daughter lived in Switzerland and
dressed like the young girls here, and I wouldn’t
even interfere with her having boyfriends. that day a strapped body and
She gave me tights under it and I felt so comfortable when I was playing, which made me suspicious and when I asked her if my daughter didn’t have underwear under
you to tuck her in with a beard, my daughter said look as if the plan she had prepared was working, no daddy and revealed her breasts. I got very angry and told her to shut it up quickly. I saw it and went to his room.

When he saw me at the door, Dad hugged me, saying you weren’t angry with me. This time I
confessed to myself that I was influenced by my daughter and
tried to forget this incident. The days were passing, and while I was making love to my wife at night
, I began to dream of my daughter and began to look for an opportunity again. Since the meeting my
wife attended was a monthly routine, a month later we were
alone with my daughter again. I called my daughter to me and immediately reminded
me of that day’s incident. I asked why you showed me your breasts, did you not think that
I could be influenced by you that I am a man too. My daughter, who did not expect such a comfortable
question from me, said that I wanted to impress you in a very comfortable way,
“daddy,” and suddenly my daughter clung to my lips.
When I gave a very comfortable Harsilik, everything felt like a stocking ripped. Kizm
was not a beginner kissing, of course, she owed it to her boyfriends. After a long kiss, my daughter said, “Daddy, do you want me to comfort you,” by showing
my dick like a pile with his eyes .
was wondering how he would do this and I started watching. He
grabbed my dick with his tiny hands and took it in his mouth. He wasn’t a beginner, but he
wasn’t like his mother anyway
. everything
went very well and i ejaculated in my daughter’s mouth i was intrigued that she swallowed it all and
asked her if she had done this before although she is 18
Although she told her boyfriends for 3 years that she had been doing it to her boyfriends and I had a blast
about what our daughter was doing, of course I immediately
saw if she was a virgin, of course it wasn’t, of course there was nothing to do or be
angry about at that time because I took this shit and started a
relationship with my daughter. Now I started to enjoy this job too, I took my daughter out
, it will be considered very clayey for her age, the pussy was unbearable and
I immediately started to lick it, it was a very enjoyable situation, the movements of my speed drove me
crazy and the fact that she said come on daddy, fuck me, plus I can’t stand it,
drove me crazy and I started to enter that tight pussy my daughter’s
movements made me reach orgasm very quickly, of course my daughter went into mine
I couldn’t ejaculate just when I was pulling back, daddy calmly said don’t drip on the floor, I like that taste
, he straightened up, took it in his mouth, licked it all off and
got it ready again without letting my dick get
soft, it meant that he was not satisfied without wasting any time, he
took the position of all fours in my fame and suddenly I couldn’t resist and I got into it
again, it was so hot, it increased my excitement and this time
we both ejaculated at the same time, of course, I pulled back and ejaculated on his back. We just finished that day,
I was very happy, I fuck my daughter in the ass and the ass at
every opportunity, we are very happy, now we are making plans to take my wife with us, of
course, my daughter’s request

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