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I am a university student, 19 years old, who can be considered handsome
. This memory took place about 15 days before the date I wrote.
In the other leading role of my memory, my aunt was Ayşe. My aunt
Ayşe was a 35-year-old woman with fish meat, a beautiful face and a gorgeous butt. That’s
why I always liked my aunt and made her the queen of my fantasies.

I was ready to do anything to get her.
One day , we were watching a movie from vcd at my aunts , there was a very hot scene in the movie. I was sitting next
to my aunt and I could feel my aunt’s body heat and that was making me feverish
. I was fucked up and I wanted my aunt to see this and I
finally started rubbing my dick down my pants in a way that she could understand
When my aunt realized this , she asked, “Do you think I should get that monstrosity on me? ”
At that moment, I was very embarrassed and could not look at my aunt’s face .

He said it was like a mountain… At that moment, an unexpected event happened and my aunt
put my dick in her hand and said it was really like a mountain. The most enjoyable moments of my life were
starting now . My finger was slipping on the gotune. Apparently her husband was fucking her in the best part. I laid my aunt on the sofa and took off her panties, her newly shaved cunt waiting to be fucked in front of me.

I took her legs in my lap and started pumping. My aunt
was ejaculating between screams of pleasure, and then I ejaculated too. Now I
wanted to fuck my aunt’s ass. My aunt leaned against the wall and curled
up, I started to spit my dick in, my aunt was
shouting forcibly as it got into her ass. We reached the summit at least 10-15 times with my aunt Ogün.
I couldn’t see it after my aunt, but I’m thinking of fucking that gorgeous
ass where I saw it.

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