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me cem my wife ecem (of course our names in the virtual world)

You can find us on many video chat sites with our nickname.

The event we will tell you about took place four summers ago at the Conti Hotel in Cyprus (Gazi Magosa).

We went to By Conti 3 years in a row. The biggest reason we prefer it is that the region is suitable for nudism. My wife and I like to have a nudist holiday. There are numerous coves, especially to the left of the mentioned hotel. and the nearest facility is 3-4 km away from the road, only from the beach, which is not used by people when a certain part is rocky. or not navigable. that’s why we throw our things at the hotel, put our towels in our backpacks, and go to the nude sunbathing in the right place.

The second year we went, we met Uncle Mehmet, who is over 70 years old, and he is a very gentle person. In our conversations, we learned that he has been a constant customer of By Conti Hotel for 20 years. We could not see uncle Mehmet at the pool or on the beach, we only met at dinner. We later solved the case. We learned that Uncle Mehmet’s wife (we don’t remember his name) is a gambling lover with his friends and that he usually hangs out with his wife. and that he went for a walk in the morning.

On the last 3 days of our 2nd holiday, we took our bags and towels early in the morning and we met Uncle Mehmet while walking from the beach to the bay where we would hang out as a nudist. he was on his way back to the hotel. After a short conversation, he asked us that crucial question. Which side said you are going? While I was looking for a perfect answer, my wife ece said to sunbathe. Uncle Mehmet also changed the question as to why you are not sunbathing at the hotel. I said to myself, eat ece. Ece is a brave woman by nature. She said we couldn’t be comfortable in the hotel’s beach and pool. If it were me, I’d say we’re going out to explore or something, and I’d turn off the conversation. As you know, our society will never get used to nudism.

If you don’t mind uncle mehmet saying can i come with you, this caused me to look at the conversation like a groan. The real shock was that ece said of course it’s okay for us, and I was shocked from the angut situation. While the three of us
were walking towards the cove where we were going to sunbathe, in the rocky section we passed, with the influence of Uncle Mehmet, when we slowed down well, Ece was talking a lot. we have already lost the last three days to this day, it’s up to you to take it. We came to the bay where we would swim and sunbathe while we were drinking for 2 days to see how we will find a chance again. We put our belongings under the bushes where we put our belongings on the land side and shield ourselves against the sun. Since Uncle Mehmet didn’t have a towel with him and was on a dir walk before us, he threw himself at the most beautiful shadow spot.

I took off my t-shirt and immersed myself in the water with my swimsuit. I took three or five strokes, not much, and laid myself on my back in the water. And then I looked at ECE to see what she was doing. ece and uncle mehmet were talking. Then I saw that ece took off the thin tulle t-shirt from her bikini. Then, while continuing the conversation with Uncle Mehmet, I was shocked to see that she took off her bikini top and finally took off her bottom. I started watching the silent ones. Their conversation ended, and ece ran towards me and jumped into the water.

I was in the street okay nudistic and I got my wife used to being nudist, but for the first time, my wife was stark naked next to someone else.

What are you doing? I said quietly because we were not far from Uncle Mehmet.
Doesn’t he say to me that I’m swimming in the sea with a smack? relax, wouldn’t he say that he already understood that we were nudists at dinner last night? and dipped his hands into the water just above waist level and made a move to take off my bathing suit.

If my wife was comfortable, I thought why not be comfortable and helped her slip on my swimsuit. now we were at sea with my wife naked in the sea but for the first time a pair of eyes were following us very closely. After we lingered in the water a little longer, we went to the beach. The effect of the water on my cock had shrunk quite a bit, even if it was a little bit of uneasiness. Uncle Mehmet wouldn’t say that my dick is cold because it’s yours. we laughed….

I lay on my back on the towel. ece also left herself face down on the towel between us and uncle mehmet and ece exploded the bonma, wouldn’t she say “I know how to restore it”
my wife first started rubbing my cock with her left hand about 1 meter in front of uncle mehmet, then after a short laugh she straightened up and put my cock in her mouth took. We started making love with ece without realizing what happened.
I was provoking ece’s cunt with my middle finger and ece was giving me a blowjob with a wonderful treat. it didn’t go away after 12 minutes my cock was like a stone

(By the way, I’ll admit, my dick is not that big, it’s around 12 -13 cm.

In such a situation, sometimes a person can do many things as a reflex that he would not have thought before. I suddenly got up and started to thrust my cock in and out of my wife’s mouth, who was standing on her knees about 50 cm in front of Uncle Mehmet. On the one hand, Ece is trying to collect the water flowing from the right and left of her mouth with one hand, with the effect of my cock. He was trying to squeeze my balls with his other hand. and like every turkish man, i couldn’t stand it and ejaculated into ece’s mouth. My wife ece swallowed my sperm only once because she was curious. I thought it was the last one, but uncle mehmet was licking my cock as if he had magnum ice cream in his mouth and swallowing it with suction cups so that my sperm would not go to waste.

but in this case, neither I nor ece could stand still. I clung to his lips before ece had a chance to clean the sperm from her face. When I got up, I realized that Uncle Mehmet was unresponsive and watching us without blinking.

And I brazenly said “How was it”
Uncle Mehmet said “You are amazing” he just said

I brought ece to the domalma summer house with her back to uncle mehmet.
I opened both his pussy and his €€€ hole so that Uncle Mehmet can see it clearly, like a male porn star who does not block the way of a cameraman who shoots porn movies. actually i needed time to continue because i fucked ece well both during the night and before i left the hotel. my cock and balls needed some time.

ece’s pussy was already soaking wet, but my main goal was to fuck ece in front of uncle mehmet. I started licking her relatively dry tissue while fingering her cunt. I don’t know how much I licked. but it probably didn’t last long and I started rubbing my dick against her hips, which was red from slapping her while licking my hands. Meanwhile, Uncle Mehmet’s eyes seemed to have opened even more. And my crazy wife did what she would do and called Uncle Mehmet and asked her to come to him. Uncle mehmet stood up in an unbelievable manner and knelt down in front of ece ece just stretched out her hand to uncle mehmet’s dick and uncle mehmet pulled his dick out just as quickly. He immediately grabbed a dick who had a not bad appearance for his age. meanwhile I had inserted my dick into the €€€ hole of ece. For the first time, I was in the open air while my wife was licking another cock and the cock of a very old man. and when I emptied into the tumbler’s trough, I left myself on my back from both sweat and boredom. Uncle ece and mehmet went into the sea together naked. I don’t know if I emptied Uncle ece Mehmet there, but when I came to my senses, I just thought of cigarettes and lit one. At that time, uncle mehmet and ece came to me and took my picture.

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