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I am 18 years old, 1.72 height, 58 kg, like a model . My friends
say that they find me very beautiful. High school just finished and I
couldn’t get into university. Good luck 🙂 What I’m going to tell you is
what I went through with my sweet cousin. My cousin is 17 days older than me. He never grew tall
after primary school, still like a 6-year-old child. But
she is able to continue her life without needing anyone.
The event I’m about to tell started this summer. My aunt and uncle were going to Germany for 3 months to live
with their daughter. But they had a problem; Since my cousin is a dwarf
, they couldn’t leave him alone in the house, in case something happened to him, and
they offered him to stay with us, and my parents accepted. Well they did.
Anyway, a few weeks later, my aunts went to Germany and my cousin took her
belongings and settled in us. We didn’t talk much for the first few days.
Actually, we were very friendly when we were children, but I think that his inability to grow taller and I was taller
than him caused him a complex. I feel sorry for him in this
situation! I went to him one evening. After sitting for a while
, I said can we talk and got to the point. Look, some people from Friday are
beautiful, some are ugly, some are fat, and some are short like you,
but I said you should get used to it. He was listening to me without speaking. I said look, I’m
behind you, don’t worry if your neck is short, I said I won’t let anyone crush you and I was about to leave the room
when he said thank you in a thin and trembling voice. I said ok fine
I said goodnight and slept that day. That night I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I was holding my
cousin in my arms and nursing my breast. I woke up in the morning, I was a little
drained anyway, I took a shower. This dream made me feel sexually attracted to my cousin
. One day, my parents went to my uncles and we were alone at home
with my cousin. Anyway, we were both sitting in the living room. I was wearing
a navel-exposed bodysuit and a mini-skirt. A devil came to my mind
and I said, can you go back to my cousin and massage my frizzy legs
, I’m very tired today, it hurts a lot. Cumali said he can’t and came to me.
I lay face down on the bed and even though my skirt was mini,
I pulled it up a little higher. Let’s get started, I said laughing. With its tiny little bits without making a sound
He started massaging my ankles. I said upwards please
, this time he was massaging my legs under my knee. I
said again, higher up the cumali. He stopped and asked me again if I was higher
. I said yes dear don’t forget we are your cousins. he said yes you are right and
started to massage my leg from the knee to the top. Then I said stop for a
while and this time I lay on my back and now I said this side of my legs
my cousin was red. I think he could
see my panties in this position, he was in the same bed with a beautiful girl like me and it gave him a lot of
excitement. I said come on, what are you waiting for to normalize the event
. This time she started the massage again. His genitals had been removed
I was feeling This time, I said, if you want, you can kiss these beautiful legs. He
said I’m going. I took her hand, look, you can’t find these legs in the general house, I
said don’t miss this opportunity, we will not go forward anyway, and I
managed to convince him
. While he was standing on the bed while I was sitting
, I suddenly hugged my dwarf cousin and took him between my breasts.
We’re almost the same height while I’m sitting. I saw that it has come to a boil, the
little one is kissing my breasts. I took her between my knees and
hugged her lips and kissed her for a long time. Our little one passed out and his
movements got weird. This time I took off my skirt and panties.
I was naked and it was his turn and I stripped him.
I thought it was really exciting with a tiny body in the middle . This time I lay on my back,
spread my legs well and said come to my cousin and lick my pussy. The kid
was confused. Pulling Busefer, I put his face on my cunt, I looked, he stuck out his tongue
and started to lick it. After a while, he started pouting on my cunt’s lips.
As I lick, I suppress the scream. After a while, I ejaculated. But I saw
that our little one was not discharged. This time I took hers in my mouth , her penis
is as small as hers, but I lifted her dick
! Anyway, I immediately went to the bathroom, washed my face, and was turning around when
I saw the little boy at the door. He’s so funny when he’s standing, he’s as tall as his legs This time
We got into the tub a little. I was horny again, I licked my ass again and we both
took a shower. We got dressed soon and went to the living room. He couldn’t even look at
me. What happened to him both surprised and embarrassed him. I went to her, hugged her
and said I love you so much, you are my only dwarf, and I said, “Is your snow white
okay?” He said in a shaky voice. Well then
, I said come to my lap and said it’s okay not to tell anyone about this. This
time he said of course. I said look, you gave me a lot of pleasure and I said women
like men who give them pleasure. He was happy
and said did you really enjoy it? I said a lot. I have other girlfriends,
I said, okay, you will do it to them. no sound. I said come on this time if you want
said OK. I made him cuddle all the girls in our group.
I have to confess something . If there are ladies reading me, I would definitely
recommend them to try the above with a midget. Even if they are married, they
should find a dwarf and do it. It really gives great pleasure

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