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I’m Okan , the biggest reason why the things I’m about to tell you happened to me is the
admiration I feel for my wife, maybe my wife is really well-groomed and
attractive, at the same time she is someone who really likes to have sex . A very close friend of mine was going to go on a long vacation with his wife one day and he gave me the key to his house, the purpose of which was very clear. I took this opportunity to throw someone into the house, so I took this opportunity and started to throw the secretary in my company home . It turns out that my friend’s wife and my wife’s husband are also friends.

Your friend’s wife also gives the key to my wife and
comes to check the room and the house. Is there a problem, invoices etc. Of course, when it comes to the bill, the bigger bill
came to me. When my wife saw us, she didn’t say anything, she turned her back and left,
of course, I was on the way home after I came to
my senses, but I was thinking about how I could overcome this situation, on the other hand, I was thinking about the troubles
, what would happen if our lady joined us, when I went home,
I found my wife packing her suitcase, I said I wanted to talk,
very mature He said let’s talk I just said something simple I just
love you I said please forgive me. Room to me. If you
caught me in such a situation, I had the key in the same way, I was in that bed with a man.
I could have been making out and you could have caught us.
When I asked what your reaction would be, I thought for a while, first I felt weird and said you are right.
Then I continued, you know me, I didn’t restrict you at all, actually, maybe I would watch you
softly from the door and then I would go without disturbing you. I will forgive you if I believe you are serious
, but I don’t, he replied. I said yes
, believe me, I beg you, I couldn’t bear to see him go. I
said, “What’s wrong with this, we both lived before we got married.”
He said prove it to me then . I said you have to prove it, not mine, you have the key anyway
. This is your punishment to me, my suitcase is ready, I
‘m waiting here, what will be your gift to me, I’ll give you tomorrow night to forgive you

When I said “I’m giving you a long time,” I thought of a website called Massage For wife that I had seen before . And I said to him ok darling, I have a wonderful gift
for you, you will forgive me. I immediately ran to the computer and
went to site, first I sent a message, I briefly summarized the situation,
then I added it to msn and started to wait 1 hour later, my email
was answered. At that time, he was already on msn, we talked to the masseur
, I fulfilled all the conditions, I sent our pictures, I received a phone call and tomorrow
We made an appointment for a 2 hour massage.
I told my wife that we have a guest to dress very sexy in the evening . He didn’t believe me , it
was obvious from his speech and his eyes. But the evening was prepared.
He was wearing my favorite clothes,
apparently he wanted to punish me. When the time came, our masseur came. We met him at the door and let him
in. And I said to my wife, this is your surprise, friend masseur, and she will give
you a massage as you want.
He leaned in and asked if he was nice to my ear but do you want to trick me with just a massage?
Of course , he was unaware of the content of the massage . So I told him my love, just enjoy the massage,
then I will accept any punishment. We went inside, after a little chat,
our masseur briefly explained the massage. This event pleased my wife.
The moment of punishment he had been waiting for was coming. The masseur showed my wife and said who should undress.
My wife pointed from there and said to rob the masseur she said oki her own shirt
My wife told the masseur to stop while I was unbuttoning it. When I said to the masseur
that you and my husband should undress me at the same time, a fire broke out on me. I knew my wife and she would
punish me very harshly. While the masseur was undressing my wife, I
unbuttoned his trousers and took off his trousers, then I took off his shirt . In the meantime, the
masseur had already undressed my wife, and my wife lay down and only boxer
was left in the masseur’s office, my wife showed me the boxer and said take it off. Feeling myself in a different
excitement, I took him out, the masseur started
massaging my wife all over, meanwhile his penis was touching all over my wife,
then when it was her back, she sat on her hips and
started massaging her back by placing her penis between her hips.
I was excited and went to my wife and
said in her ear, come on, punish me. My wife looked at me and said I’m sure, I said yes and she held the masseur’s penis and put it in her vagina, she was trying to get the penis better
by lifting her hips up . It was great, then we started kissing my wife and my wife came close to my ear and said I enjoyed punishing you, my love. I said you can always punish me, my love. Then he took the masseur’s cock and brought it to his mouth, he was sucking and licking while looking into my eyes, he showed me his vagina and told me to lick it. I was starting to like these order events. a little later he told me to lie down and he lay on me and we took the 69 position while his masseur

He pulled her behind him and told him to get inside. It was amazing
to watch my wife get fucked so close, but what she wanted after a while drove
me crazy .
Of course, I was going to do what I was told and be a good husband
and I was very excited. After a while, when the masseur said where do you want me to ejaculate
, my wife said to me, I was not surprised . My wife hugged me and said I’ll forgive you but let’s do this once in a while and you can even call that slutty secretary, other than that if you touch her

He said he can’t see me anymore. Since I love my wife more than anyone,
I accepted this and 1 week later our masseur had to massage two women

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