[embed][/embed]Alev lady blew my mind Hello, the story I’m going to tell you is about the couple living in my flat across the street. The year I returned to Turkey from abroad, I was looking for a house. When one of my friends said that he was looking for a roommate, I thought I was lucky. Later I realized that I was a really lucky man. In the first months I moved, I didn’t know or talk to anyone, I only met my next-door neighbor Dille and her husband Bahadır. The room consisted of sitting opposite each other and meeting at the door. One night I suddenly bursted from my bed with a scream. The voices were coming from my neighbor. They were making love unbelievably fast and wild . Her wish was screaming as if someone was strangling her. By the way, the wish was a woman who was 1.75 meters tall, with long hair, a lean build, and large breasts . His wife was a normal builder shorter than him. From time to time, Bahadır went to a novice training unit in the nearby district to do his military service . Our conversations with wishes and our intimacy were gradually increasing. When his wife was in the military, I was doing the little things in her house . When his wife came home on the weekends, she couldn’t sleep because of the cries of wish and I started shooting with them. It was like I was banging the wish and making it scream. His wife’s distribution had gone too far, making it almost impossible for the wish to visit. One day, a mischief came to my mind and I carried the vcd and tv to my own room. I had an original porn cd and put it in it was already past midnight. I opened the door of the house and quietly went outside. I made noises on the stairs that you could hear. I went into the room and made noises as if it was me and someone else at home. After 10 minutes , I started the cd and turned it up enough for him to hear it in the foreplay scene. My room and your wish’s bedroom were next to each other and I had to take this opportunity . The next day, I met wish at the door of the apartment and we said hello. Until the floor , he was in front and I came out behind him. She was curling her hips so beautifully that it was like saying come fuck me. When Dilek came in front of her door, she turned to me and said, “I want to drink coffee.” I agreed and asked for 10 minutes. As soon as I got home, I took a shower and I was sweating because it was summer. 10 minutes later, I knocked on wish’s door. Like me, Dilek smelled like shower gel that had washed her body . He invited me into the living room. I sat in the 3 seater chair and wish asked how do you drink coffee. After saying it wouldn’t matter , he went to the kitchen. After a while, he entered the hall with two cups in his hand. He sat right across from me and crossed his legs . We started talking out of the blue, he said he wanted to get to know me and I told him about my life. He was giving me such beautiful poses that I can’t explain. Ben was startled at every second and my dick went up. Unknowingly, the front of my jeans got wet and his cheeks were getting more and more red in his wish. He started laughing , I asked him why he was laughing, and he said to me, “Don’t you realize you wet your front ?” When I looked, my front was wet as if I had gotten myself under it. Thinking of my cunning, look for yourself, click and see how many originals there are on`, CAPTION, `Search-Find Now`);” onmouseout=”return nd();”> actually, instead of laughing at me, I told yourself to laugh. He said why, I said that the smell of the liquids flowing from your womanhood comes all the way here. Surprised, her face turned red and she got up and went to the bathroom, her back was wet in a round shape and she was sitting on the sofa. When I went to the bathroom after him, he was wiping the liquid flowing from his womanhood, I held his hand and said I will wipe it, you don’t need to do this. Yes , there was no turning back after that moment and I was going to fuck the wish. He placed my head between his cunt and I started licking it . She was moaning, ecstatic and pressing my head as soon as I touched it. The fluid flowing from Amin was so much that it was running down his legs . Holding my hand, we went into the living room, took off the shirt and jeans he was wearing, and kneeling in front of me and started licking my dick, he was using his tongue so well that I felt dizzy. He was taking them all in his mouth and sucking , swallowing the incoming liquid without even letting it out. My hands were walking around her breasts, and I was squeezing the ends. Dilek looked into my eyes and said the time has come. I sat on the chair and he sat on my lap with his face turned to me. With his own hands, he cut my dick in half by rubbing it against his femininity, and I was starting to get into that hot pussy inside. At first, she could only put her head in because the femininity of the wish was tight and warm. The head of my dick was burning , he was trying to get it in slowly. He dug his nails into my shoulders and groaned as I sat on him. The ends of her breasts were hard and enlarged. I was drawing circles on the tips of the nipples with my tongue. Dilek still just takes the head of my dick and my husband groans how could he take it in me. As he sat on me and got up, he suddenly looked into his eyes and pressed on his shoulders, and when he put all of my dick in, small droplets formed in his eyes and stuck to my lips. Without getting out of it, I laid it on my back and he wrapped his legs around my waist. He was helping me by pressing my waist with his legs. My balls were beating her cunt, she was making incredible noises as she went in and out of her wet cunt and she was crazy with pleasure. We couldn’t stand it anymore and I was about to ejaculate. Dilek was having her second orgasm and took it between her lips and sucked it, trying to help me ejaculate by sucking, as if she wanted to suck all of it as soon as possible, and that’s how she took all of my cock in her mouth and ejaculated inside.

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