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Hello sex lovers. Our story began when I discovered my husband’s porn collection after two years of marriage. We had a normal sex life like every newlywed couple. We’re both young, our hormones are high, we’re making love nonstop. That first night, after getting over the wedding night, I was trying to keep up with my husband’s slightly excessive requests, without any reservations or fears. At every request for love by my husband, I could not bear his caresses and kisses after a little bit of humming, and I would spread my legs without objecting more than I knew the pleasures that would come after him.
In the first months, our making love once a day, once a day, once every two days, once every three days, still gave me pleasure, my husband made me faint with pleasure every time… At the end of two years, we were waiting for the weekends to make love by ourselves… When I asked my husband, I was tired, stress, this, he was passing it on. I also accepted this situation…
One day, while I was doing a big cleaning, I went out to dust on the wardrobe. In my husband’s section, a box that seemed to be hidden behind unused winter clothes caught my attention, I took it down and looked. There were a lot of CDs in the box. Out of curiosity, I bought one at random, when I inserted it into the laptop and looked at it, I saw that it was a movie. The main character, who is an innocent housewife at the beginning of the English-language movie, was diving into group sex at the end of the movie and making love to men with big, naked big penises all the time.
First, I was surprised to learn that my husband was watching these, and then I was worried about “or is the man I married a sex pervert”, while watching the movie with amazement, I realized that I was getting aroused, wet, and caught in a lust that I could not stop. Lying on the bed, I couldn’t take my eyes off the scenes on the screen. Involuntarily, my hand went in front of me under my skirt… While stroking my cunt over my panties, my fingers soon dived into me. While the woman in the movie was making a toast between the two men, I started to play with myself. I gasped orgasm as the woman wailed.
When I was done, I took off my wet fingers and dried them on my skirt. I looked at the other CDs in the box and saw that they were all porn the same way. All of them were auditioned men and women were lashing out at each other, making love to each other in every movie.

Okay, of course there are things that I learned from my husband, that he taught me to do, to enjoy, but what I saw in these movies blew my mind. My mouth fell open every time I watched a movie… My perverted husband had a wide range of tastes. Black, white, young, middle-aged, all kinds of women, all kinds of men were taking part in the movies… Doubles, threesomes, crowded groups, masturbation scenes, sadomasochism stories, fetishes…
It was evening and my husband had come from work while I was putting on one and removing the other. When he called me, I told him to come into the bedroom. I was sitting in the middle of the bed, half-reclined, naked, when he entered the door with a curious look. CDs scattered on the bed around me, a porn movie playing on the laptop screen… This was the scene he saw. He looked at me as if trying to gauge my reaction. I looked at him with an expressionless face. sex stories
“Have you finally found the treasure?” he said briefly… I turned down the volume of the movie playing on the screen a bit, the moans and screams subsided.
“I found. But I could not understand why the spirit hides, hides it in wardrobes. Really, why did you hide them from me?” He sat on the bed and looked at me.
“I don’t know, I was afraid that you would be angry with me and label me as a pervert… Aren’t you angry?”
“At first I was angry, yes… But after watching a few, I changed my mind.” My husband bent down and placed a kiss on my lips,
“So you changed your mind? Did you like it?”
I started to respond to his kisses. I kissed his lips, I immediately lay on his lap… He bent over me and started kissing me… The voices from the movie could still be heard in the room… He put his hand between my legs and cupped my swollen pussy with pleasure. I moaned.
“Your pussy is wet, you’re stuck in water, my wife…” he said while eating my lips.
“Yes… I’ve been watching your perverted movies for hours… I was horny because of you. Because of these vile porn movies of yours… You drove me crazy… I look forward to your coming.” ‘ I replied, raising my hand to his dick, squeezing it over his pants and stroking it. My husband,
When I said, “You look like you like my dirty porn, my love…” I had already put my hand inside your zipper and I had already taken out your hard cock…
“Yes, you filthy pervert… I love your nasty porn. Come on, do like them… Fuck me… Like those women say… Fuck me…” I said while continuing to lick…
There the movie broke. I don’t remember when my husband got undressed, when we dived into each other. We got fucked while watching the people who got fucked in the movie on the computer. My husband turned it into an inversion and fucked me… He did the same to me what they were doing in the movie, he cheated on me while he was fucking me… We had such a night that we didn’t even experience this in our first honeymoon months…
I really hid it so my wife wouldn’t find my porn movies… But when I found it and saw that she didn’t get angry, I had a feast. Of course, I made her a feast too… Great, my sexy wife gave me a performance that puts a stone on the porn stars in movies that night… Neither sucking, nor burying it… I didn’t let go where I didn’t fuck from front to back.
From that day on, porn became the main accessory of our lovemaking. He would get undressed and go to bed, and after watching the movie for a while, we would get into each other. The images and groans of the people making love in the movie aroused us as much as possible and put us in the mood.
“Why didn’t we do this before, my husband?” he said after every lovemaking… “I get so aroused while watching these… It’s like they’re making love with us while we’re making love. I feel like I’m having group sex…”
“Imagine that we have group sex too, wife… Look at that black man’s dick… How he stings her… Think about it, what would you do if that dick got into you? How can he make you scream…” My wife was staring at the screen,
“Oh, I don’t want to, my love… Look, I have the size of my arm, black thing… I’d be good to go, this dick would kill me… Ugh… How the hell is this slender woman taking this big cock?” I was talking to my wife as I went back and forth,
“Don’t worry, you’ll get it too… What’s missing from that woman? This dick fills your pussy… You will die of pleasure…” My wife wrapped her legs around my waist and kept her eyes on the screen while enjoying my dick,
“Ohhh… It kills… But you have to be with me. When you try to force me, when you hurt me, you will stop, right, husband?” I speed up in my wife’s cunt, sticking my dick in and out
“Look at that scumbag… You want to fuck with the nigga of your hand, huh? And with me?” Kikir kikir laughed my wife,
“But it would be nice my love… Eating a foreign man’s dick next to you… Ohhh… Your dick has grown inside me, I can feel it. You enjoy it too, don’t you? If they fuck your wife right next to you… Even if you fuck me with this nigga… Oohhhh…”
“I don’t believe you… You wouldn’t have put it in your mouth and licked it off when we first got married… Look at you… You turned into a horny bitch… You made me a pimp, too.”
“Yes… Yes my love… I became a horny bitch because of you… You taught me how to fuck… Your porn taught me to be a whore… Ohhh… Fuck me… Fuck me with those men… My pimp husband… My dumb-ass husband… Lay between you, fuck me together… Fuck me all over me… … Ohhh… They fuck with me, you watch me… My love… My man… Speed ​​up… Speed ​​up… Aaahh… I’m coming….”
Sometimes we got so horny that we started making love as soon as we walked in the door. We were having sex before we even had time to watch a movie. At those moments, we were saying strange things to piss each other off and dreaming of false fantasies. There were always others, other men and women around us in these fantasies.
“The landlord is fucking you, my wife…” I was saying while I was fucking my wife… “Hasan Bey’s husband is sticking his dick in you… He won’t pay the rent, if you fuck well…”
“Ohhh… Fuck you husband… Let the landlord fuck me… Don’t worry… I treat him very nicely… He even gives me money on top… Come on, get your dick Hasan… Oh, your dick is too big… It’s bigger than my husband’s dick. Oh how you are fucking… Great… Ohhh… While you’re fucking me, my husband is at your house, fucking your wife… How nice… Ooohhh…”
In another, we used to take Metin’s brother, with whom we work together at work and who goes to our house, to bed… He was older than us, but he was taking care of himself. He was handsome. He was always going to the gym, he had a triangular body, something wiry… My wife called me by her name when I was lying down,
“Come on, Metin brother… Fuck your friend’s wife… Fuck it… My husband can’t fuck me as well as you… Fuck me before he comes, brother Metin… Ooohhh…”
“Whoa bitch… Whoa bitch… You mean Metin brother, huh? Get you Metin brother’s dick…”
“Yes, that husband… Your handsome friend… Your athlete friend… Your handsome Metin brother… He should fuck me… Tell him… Let him have a dick… It’s so beautiful fuck… It’s great… Ohhhh…”
I was putting my dick into the roots, screaming, banging my dick… At the same time, I was shouting with resentment.
“Ohh… Here you go, see what a dick is like… Understand what it means to be fucked… Your husband can’t fuck you like that, my baby… My baby…” I was fucking my wife… We were ejaculating like crazy.
Thanks to those porn videos, my husband and I had a completely different sex life. I was addicted.
We came back from shopping mall on a Sunday. As always, I wandered around the stores in miniskirts and low-cuts all day… My husband was crazy when men were looking at me like they were going to fuck me… They were not ashamed, no matter how much I tugged on my mini skirt and tried to cover it, they never took their eyes off my cleavage, my legs with thin stockings that my mini skirt left exposed, even though my husband was next to me…
My husband especially kept some distance between us. While I was wandering alone, he was watching the way men look at me like food from afar, among the shelves in the stores.
So much so that when we got home, we were both full. We dropped our bags on the floor and hugged each other. We were kissing wildly. My husband’s hands are digging under my miniskirt, he keeps pinching my panties and my pussy, kissing and biting my lips,
“Horny wife… You have no place left to show your men. Exhibitionist whore… You took their dick off, and mine… Look at your pussy, how it’s watered… Now let me lay it down and fuck you, bitch…” he kept groaning.
“Ohhh… Fuck… Come on, fuck me my love… How were they looking at your wife? They looked like they were going to fuck… Oohhh… I removed your dicks, right, husband? Those dicks got up to fuck me… To pass me… Come on, you replace them with me… Lay me down… Fuck me…”
I was just about to drop myself to the ground and pull my husband over me when his phone rang. He didn’t want to open it first… He was busy attacking me like a bull that saw red. But when he continued to ring, he cursed and reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. I ignored it, knelt in front of him, unzipped his dick, and I started to lick it…
“Sir, Metin brother?” When he said that, I realized that his friend at work was calling. We used to stop by from time to time, have a chat or two, sometimes his brother Metin would stay for dinner…
While my husband’s hand was running through my hair, he was pulling my head to his groin, trying to put his dick in my mouth, while catching up on the phone. He was trying so hard that Metin’s older brother wouldn’t hear their moans of pleasure… I took his dick out of my mouth and whispered,
I said, “Don’t come, my love… Make up an excuse… We have work to do… I want to make love…” I said. The conversation continued as if I hadn’t said it.
“Okay bro… We are available bro… What do you mean dear? We came from outside now… Immediately? Come of course dear… We’re waiting… Don’t forget to buy the beers on the way, brother…”
He hung up the phone and got me up. He hugged me and put his hand in front of me again… He started to knead my pussy over the pantyhose. I sneered at my husband like a grumpy child… I brushed my lips angrily,
“Leave it all… I say don’t come, we have work to say, you invite the man… I’m just horny, I’m crazy to make love, look what you did…” My husband hugged my pursed lips,
“Do not be angry, my wife… She was nearby. I would have sent you a mail if it wasn’t coming right away, but… Anyway… We’ll leave it overnight and we’ll fuck around…” I tried to get rid of his arms.
“You see in your dreams…” I said. “I need a husband, I need him now… It would be nice to put out my fire… I don’t want night or anything… You go make love to your brother Metin…” While grabbing my breasts,
“Crazy wife… Horny thing… Why should I fuck with Metin brother… You fuck… Let him put out your fire… When you are on top of your anger, fuck you while your pussy is burning like a dick… We always dreamed of making love, this is the opportunity… As soon as he comes, fuck him… My next to me… while I am…”
His dick, which I had pulled out of the front of my pants, was now rubbing against my stocking legs. I could feel its hardness like stone.
“The crazy thing… Pervert… They were fantasy. It wasn’t real…” I said.
“Why not… Come on fuck her… Just like in the movies… Fuck you next to me… Ohhh… Fuck your beautiful pussy… Come on, wife, don’t say no right away…”
“I told you to leave it… What a big man you are… Pimp husband… You keep dreaming… Let me prepare a snack or two or something. Since you don’t fuck me…”
I got rid of it by force. Although, my husband left because Metin brother was coming soon, but he was in a miserable condition. He came out in front of him, grumbling, trying to grab his upturned dick with his hand and put it inside… There was already a knock on the door when I was going to the kitchen… Brother Metin had come.
While my wife was walking into the kitchen, I took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Then I opened the door, greeted Metin brother. I bought some of their bags. As usual, his hands were full. Ice cold beers, chips, chocolates, a fine red wine for my wife… As we walked together to the kitchen,
“Brother, how did you bother… You always do this. You bought a lot of things again…” I said.
“What’s the trouble dear? I’m bored too, I thought I’d stop by you. I was afraid that I would disturb you, but when you said you must come…”
He paused when he saw my wife. I looked, my wife looked a little messy because of our mischief just now. The two buttons of her thin white blouse were undone, revealing the laces of her red bra and the fork of her large breasts. She had such a sexy look with her unbuttoned blouse, mini skirt underneath, black stockings, high-heeled lamĂ© slippers…
Well, my beautiful wife looked like she just got out of bed and just got fucked despite all our fevers, our unfinished sex game… Her lips were swollen and red from kissing, her hair was messy… She reached out and took the beer bag,
“Welcome, brother Metin…” he called out in a coquettish manner… “I thought I’d prepare a few snacks, too. I’ll put these beers in the fridge so that the rest won’t get hot,” he said, turning and opening the refrigerator door.
He began placing the beer bottles in his hands in the refrigerator. Her miniskirt, which stretched her bustling hips as she bent down to put bottles on the lower shelves, had been pulled up a little higher, making it even more miniscule. Her legs were visible almost up to her calves. As she fidgeted and moved, her gorgeous hips looked like they were making love in bed…
I swallowed. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight of my wife tucked into the closet, her long legs exposed. It was as if she was doing it on purpose, as if she was taking revenge for the pleasure I had just left unfinished, my bitch wife… I shrug and try to come to my senses. I looked, Metin brother was no different from me. He too was motionless, staring at my wife like a shot rabbit. When I coughed, he collected himself, looked at me,
“Come, Metin brother, let’s go inside. Rose prepares something and brings it.”
We went to the living room and sat down. There was a sports program on TV, we turned it on. We started watching. My wife was walking back and forth between the kitchen and the living room, bringing beer, snacks, fruit and stuff. Equipped the coffee table ahead. At our insistence, he sat down and poured himself some wine. We all started eating and drinking together.
We used to see eye to eye with my wife often. She was sitting on the sofa, trying to gather her skirts and not to give them free kicks like any normal woman… She was crossing her legs, sitting on her side, tugging at her skirt. After we had two beers and my wife had two glasses of wine, it got really hot. The affection deepened. My wife’s laughter grew louder. Metin brother was constantly telling jokes and making us all laugh.
When our beers were finished, when my wife went to fetch beer from the kitchen, I said I’d help, so I followed her. While I was leaning towards the fridge and getting a beer, I pressed my hardened, puffed-up dick behind my wife’s ass…
“What are you doing, let it go…” said my wife as she closed the cupboard… My wife had a temper and tried to avoid it while I smothered her neck with kisses,
“What are you doing, my wife? You keep covering your skirt. Since you’re wearing a mini skirt, let your skirt open. Let the man see some legs… Let him see the panties. Let the beauty see. The widowed poor man for how many years… He missed seeing naked women in the home environment, peeping ass and legs… Show him a little, it’s rewarding…”
“Manacy pervert… Stupid… Is that alright? Let me go, don’t be mean… You’re going to piss me off like yourself…”
“Little then… The man is right next to us… Haven’t we dreamed of this every time we fucked?… Just open up a little, show off a little, what happens? Let our wife see the beauties of our brother Metin… You kept showing it to your men all day, show it to my brother too… He is not a stranger…” I was licking his earlobes, biting lightly between my teeth…
“Then fuck me too? Let me go, pimp… I can’t show him because he’s not really a stranger… We’ll see him face to face… He always wants to fuck then… Let go…”
Forcibly, he writhed like a fish and slipped out of the grip of my arms, got rid of my hand, went inside. I waited a bit and waited for the hardness of my dick, which was like a stone with the excitement of the event, to go down.
My pimp husband was going to drive me crazy… What was he saying? Repentance, repentance… Okay, we were just making a fantasy, but until now, the things that we had built were always in bed.
Just talking between us, I was not unaffected by the event… My fever was already hitting my head because of our unfinished lovemaking. It must also be because of the wine I drank, I was starting to feel dizzy and burning. It was as if ants were walking in my groin… A molten lava of flame was running through my veins, throwing my hungry body into the fire.
When I went to the living room, Metin got up and took the beer bottles from my hand. While taking it, our fingers touched for a moment, I shivered. I couldn’t understand why this was so. I didn’t feel anything like that when my husband put his dick in my ass inside… Now I was shivering with pleasure because a foreign man’s hand touched my hand, I was melting with pleasure…
We sat down and continued. I was a little nervous. But my joy came back when Metin, who filled the wine glass, handed him the glass and made the shot together with him… My husband also came and joined us. The conversation continued from where it left off.
I had stopped choking myself. I was relaxed, laughing, talking, not trying to hide my legs from view, just as my husband wanted. My skirt was completely ripped. From time to time, I was catching Metin’s gaze. That familiar, boring male gaze was wandering around my carelessly stripped skirt and legs…
I was starting to feel good. It was hot. The buttons of my blouse were already open, I opened another one while playing with my fingers… My bra was exposed. Metin brother’s eyes turned there like a magnet in the middle of the conversation…
I’ve been thoroughly aroused, I’ve become numb. I spread. My husband’s eyes were wandering over his wife, who was opening and scattering in the same way, with desire and lust… As her voice saying “show your beauties” rang in my ears, I opened myself a little more… I liked making two men look at me with admiration. I was playing sadistically with them…
Finally, we decided to sit on the floor and play cards. The table was full and there was no place to play because… I brought the deck of cards. I sat down next to the two men and dealt the cards, and we started playing cards.
I had become quite careless now while the purse-seiner was playing. I was spreading my legs, opening my boobs as I reached for the wine glass, doing whatever I could to drive the two men crazy. I think the guys could even see my red panties over the tights…
Both Brother Metin and my husband could not take their eyes off me. Most of the time, they make mistakes by looking at me, they are surprised by the papers in their hands, they burst into laughter… I finally got tired. I stood up. The two men were looking at me from where they were sitting. I brought my hand to my forehead,
“Gentlemen, excuse me… I think I’m a little crushed… You go ahead, I’ll lie down on that seat for a bit… You’re not a stranger, Metin brother…” I went to the three seater and lay on my back.
I was really dizzy. I stretched my legs and closed my eyes. It didn’t matter if I had a mini skirt underneath, they had already seen enough to see whatever…
When my wife lay on the couch, her legs were wide apart. It looked great. My wife looked sexy to death with her breasts rising and falling as she breathed, her button-up blouse unbuttoned, her miniskirt peeling off, her long, stocking legs…
I looked, Metin brother is afraid of me, on the one hand, he does not want to miss the sexy view right in front of him. I stood up,
I staggered out of the hall, saying, “These beers made me pee… Let me go and relax, Metin brother, you go on…” I was very curious about what would happen while I was gone. I went to the bathroom and turned on the faucet. I quickly turned around and took up positions near the living room door.
Metin brother was contorted with his back to the door, his eyes on my wife. He looked at the door for a while, when he heard the sound of the water, he thought that I was peeing and relaxed, turned to my wife again… His hand was on his dick, rubbing the hardness of the shield. He stood up slowly and walked over to the chair where my wife lay. He whispered to my wife,
“Rose… Rose…” he grabbed her shoulder with his hand. There was no sound from my wife. His eyes were still closed… “My rose… my dear… my love…”
Brother Metin took his hand to my wife’s leg, like a feather, he ran his hand around her legs… Just like my wife’s hips were turning around where she lay, Metin was in front of her eyes now… She caressed my wife’s legs for a long time… She ran her hand over her skirt, hips, thin waist, shoulders. My wife was making sounds like groans in her sleep with pleasure, as she was being stroked all over… She was enjoying it.
I looked, I’m having normal pee time, I went and turned off the water. I walked with the sound of footsteps announcing that I was coming from the bathroom, and entered the hall. When Metin brother heard my voice, he immediately stopped stroking my wife and sat on the ground. The redness of his face and the puffiness of his front did not go away, but… I think the adrenaline was at its peak, Metin Abide.
We chatted a little more. As we spoke, my wife rolled over in her sleep, laying on her back. One of his legs was bent above the knee, the other extended. In this case, her mini skirt was plastered up to her crotch… The lace of the pantyhose and the red thong inside were visible through the thin black socks…
I swallowed. The image of my wife was so beautiful… Moreover, not only me but also a foreign man was watching it with me. I missed you. For a long time, I let Metin’s brother watch and digest the scene, and let the man get angry. Then get up
I said, “Oh my God, wine hit my Rose… “Come on my love, don’t sleep here, let’s go to bed…” I said.
My wife, who was mumbling, had her skirt pulled up to her waist and even her red thong panties were visible while she was standing… With Metin brother’s eager gaze on us, I tried to pull it out and fix it as best I could, then I took his arm and took him to the bedroom. I took off the blouse, skirt, pantyhose, thong, whatever. I slipped one of the tiny sheer fantasy nightgowns over her naked body and stretched it out onto the bed.
For a moment, I looked at my wife who was lying on the bed like a fairy… She looked so beautiful and sexy in the tiny tulle nightgown that covered her white, naked body… I couldn’t resist. I bent down and spread her legs, licking my wife’s creamy, boxy cunt.
My wife started to moan loudly as I pouted her cunt’s lips and sucked on her hardening clit. My wife was enjoying it… She looked at me with her eyelids half-opened and lustfully… It was as if her sleep had been a little off because of the pleasure she was getting… I went between her legs. I took my dick out of my pants and started rubbing it on the well soaked, submerged cunt. He reached out and stroked my dick.
“Do you want?” I said in a whisper… “Shall I put my dick in your pussy?” Stretched like a cat my wife,
“Yes… I want… I want it so much… Come on, put it in me…” he said with a groan…
“Come on my love…. Get up, let’s go inside… Make Metin brother go crazy with this outfit… Let’s have threesomes… Let’s get the two of us together and fuck you… Let’s give you pleasure…
“No…” he said. “Perverse thing… Only you… You fuck me…”
Although she said no, her pussy was in water, the waters of pleasure were starting to overflow from her pussy and seep into her ass. I got into it, and after a couple of commutes, I took my dick out… I left my wife, who was moaning with pleasure, her legs apart, writhing. I stuck my dick in my pants and went back to the living room.
I continued to drink with Metin, who was waiting for me. Every now and then I would get up and go inside, lick my wife’s pussy and come back. The next time I went, I would take my dick out and put it in his pussy, pull it out again, and likewise ask my wife to come in.
“No, no, no…” he groaned as I crushed his bare body with all my weight on him… He tried to wrap his legs around my waist and not let me out, but he couldn’t.
“Since you don’t do what I want, I won’t fuck you either… Stay with your juicy cunt… Wriggle like a dick…” I got up again and went inside.
Metin was looking at me curiously. The bulge in front of me was unconcealable. He was looking at me with a smile as if he understood what I was doing…
“Wait? Guess Rose didn’t sleep, my friend…” she said, pointing in front of me… “Oh you young people… Your mind is on sex… You never miss an opportunity. Happy for you…”
First I looked at the front of the pants, they were wet. Then I looked at brother Metin’s face with a thoughtful attitude… For a brief moment, I hesitated. Then,
“Metin brother… Come and see what I’ll show you…” I called the man inside by saying…
On the way to our bedroom, Metin brother was curiously following me. He stopped when I stopped at the door. I nodded my head inside… He reached out and looked.
My wife lay sprawled on the bed, in the light of the red nightlight, in her gauze nightgown. His legs were apart. It remained the way I had just pulled my dick out. Her breasts were rising and falling with deep breaths. The fingers of her other hand were in front of her, on her cunt. I whispered
“How? Is not it beautiful?” I said to the man… Ugh… I was showing my naked wife to a foreign man, asking her opinion. I was about to die of excitement. Metin brother swallowed, took a breath to speak,
“Are you crazy? I have never seen such a beautiful, sexy woman… Your wife is a wonderful friend… You are such a lucky dog…”
“Yes, Metin brother… I am very lucky. I have such a beautiful, sexy, eager wife who always wants a dick… You see it too…” I stopped, looked at the man who was watching my wife’s beauty with excitement, “You want her too, don’t you? You want to fuck my wife…” He was about to turn to me and say something, I stopped him. You always keep an eye on my wife… It’s not a problem for me, brother, on the contrary, it’s exciting and provocative… Actually, my wife wants you inwardly, but she just doesn’t accept it…”
“Don’t say… Dude, I’m sick to your wife… You don’t know how much I jerked off for your wife. Ah, if I could only fuck your bitch wife who didn’t show it… The world would be mine. So how do we do it? How will you please your wife? Otherwise I started thinking about rape…”
“You wait here in silence, ready and ready… Don’t make a sound… Until I call…” I went inside.
I stood by the bed and looked at my wife. While I was looking, I took off everything I was wearing, and I was left naked. I bent over my wife and started kissing and licking her all over. My wife started to moan again, her eyes closed… She was in awe, savoring the pleasure of my hands circling her whole body.
I went all over my wife with my hands. I finally buried my lips in his crotch and started licking his cunt. He runs his hands through my hair, pulling me towards him. I opened my mouth wide, I was trying to fill the lips of his box-like pussy into my mouth and suck it. I was fucking my wife with my tongue… My wife was raising and lowering her hips with pleasure, beating the bed with her hips… I tore off the thin nightgown, I left my wife naked…
When I turned my head to the door, Metin brother was also undressed and watching us, rubbing his dick with his hand like a father. In the dim red light, he looked like a devil with his big dick longer than mine in his hand… A devil preparing to fuck my wife… I spread my wife’s legs in front of his crazy eyes, I shoved my hardened cock in my wife’s pussy in one move…
“Aahhh…” my wife hugged me, moaning… I went back and forth a few times. My wife seemed to have lost herself under me. She was writhing, moaning, screaming as she ate my dick,
“Ohhh… So good… Fuck me, husband… Fuck me… Fuck… Fuck… Feed me…”
My wife had come to the point of no return… I suddenly got out of it, got up. I signaled the text evening dress to come with my hand. When my wife’s pussy was suddenly empty, she grumbled with displeasure and opened her eyes to find out why…
She looked at me first, then in the Metin evening dress standing next to me naked… We both look at her with our erect phallus in front of us, excited… She grunted passionately as she brought her hands to her groin and caressed her wet cunt, the inside of her legs,
“You’re going to fuck me, huh? Well… Let it be as you wish, my pimp husband… Come, Metin brother… Fuck that pimp’s wife… Fuck his wife… He really wants me to be fucked… Me too… I want it too. I can’t take it anymore… Somebody come and fuck me… Don’t make me wait…”
Brother Metin couldn’t stand my wife’s begging request, and suddenly jumped on my wife… Is it easy? Half-year-old, her daughter is as old as a chicken, a beautiful, young woman… Metin brother is 45 years old, my wife is 23… She is naked… Her legs are spread apart, she is in bed waiting for a cock to get inside her… Her pussy is in the water, it shines brightly in the light… Before she bends down, her watery pussy is greedily. began to lick, beating. I’m watching next to them, my hand is on my dick… He was licking on the one hand, and grumbling on the other hand all the time… What he said was making me really angry,
“Oh my beautiful pussy… Oh my horny whore… What a sweet pussy you have… You made me crazy, woman… You killed me… My baby… I drink your pussy… Fuck you, my love… So you want your brother Metin, huh… You want me to fuck you huh? … Don’t worry baby bird… Your brother Metin will fuck you now… He’ll put you in this beautiful pussy of yours… Besides your husband… I’ll fuck you with your husband in your husband’s bed… Ohhh… My baby is my baby…
Brother Metin, who was blatantly licking my wife’s pussy, finally straightened up and put his big dick cut into stone into my wife’s soaking pussy. My wife hugged me tightly with the pleasure of the thick foreign male dick that got into her cunt that I had emptied, Metin evening dress… She had her legs, which she split well into two, folded around the man’s waist, and she was pulling the dick in her cunt to her as if she wanted to get even more.
The two of them were fucking with pleasure… So I approached them and started stroking my wife and squeezing her breasts. When Metin brother took his dick out of my wife’s pussy to change positions, this time I pulled my wife on me. All of a sudden, my wife, who took my dick, started to get up and down on my dick like crazy.
While my wife was rubbing her breasts on my chest and rubbing my dick, Metin was approaching from behind, biting my wife’s hips and licking her tiny hole. His pearl, his asshole, which I have not been able to pierce until now… My wife had a dick in her cunt, the tongue of a foreign man in her asshole, she was starting to go crazy.
I knew that that licked ass hole was soon going to take Metin’s dick inside, he had to do it… As I expected, Metin brother straightened up, who licked his asshole like water and left it in saliva. He grabbed my wife’s waist and pressed her dick against that sucked, wet, slippery asshole. After leaving a spit from above and wetting his dick, he started pushing.
My wife cried out in pain for a while in the first moments… But with the effect of the pleasure she got, with the help of me splitting my wife’s hips from below, she took her thick dick inch by inch behind her. My wife’s cries of pain turned into cries of pleasure.
Two men were pumping my wife from the front and back… I was putting it in, Metin was pulling it out. I was taking it out while he was putting his dick in. We were fucking Gul synchronously… Finally, we all ejaculated with pleasure.
We lay on the bed. My wife was in our midst. It was the first time we had a group sex event. I had incredible pleasure. When I looked at the others, I saw that they were no different from me. We rested for a while with our shaken, worn, tired bodies. My wife reached out and grabbed our dicks,
“You are crazy…” he said smiling… “You drove me crazy too. You killed with pleasure on both sides…”
He caressed us both… We engaged again. Our lovemaking lasted until the morning…
Now my wife has stopped saying no to a second man. He enjoyed it because… He loves group sex… Every time we feel like it, we call Metin brother to our house, we fuck my two male wives to the fullest, we feed him with money. full programs

We are satisfied with our life. Our only problem is to find a sexy and hot woman like my wife in Metin Abiye and marry her… Then we can taste the pleasure of a foursome. We are waiting, we are looking.

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