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Even if my mother doesn’t have a T-shirt with very, very big breasts, it would be too
tight, but neither our family nor my mother is bothered by this incident, but my father is
cheating on anemia, anyway, back to the event, I love watching my mother cleaning the houses
and that day my mother was going to wash the carpets, my son told me you
helped me today. I said ok and we took the carpets in our bathroom and
we started to wash we were alone at home my mother and I got wet I was left in plain
shorts my mother was wet with combed cotton stuck to her body
she was not wearing a bra and bra. Her breasts were completely waisted
. I could see between her breasts
while she was bending over. but he was aware
there was no sound I went behind him I rubbed my dick in his big ass he was silently brushing the carpet
suddenly he leaned on my dick I understood he wanted a dick his
skirt was big with elastic I pulled the skirt down he didn’t have panties his meat was a little wrinkled I inserted
my dick 17 cm
and I ejaculated
of course, but my mother was not satisfied, my dick went down, my mother
continued as if nothing had happened, and after 10.15 minutes, my mother
said without looking up, do you have
a girlfriend
? I said you wanted it and I’m ok I’m a kilo
I’m a person whose body is not beautiful, how can I turn you on, I said I like overweight
women and carpet lice was in the evening my mother I was
not looking at my mother’s face food was eaten we went to bed I went to my room
but my mother was on my mind 1 hour later my mother came to my room my father was watching tw my
mother said to me did you not go to bed I said no, I didn’t feel sleepy, I said why
I said because of today’s event, he came to me I sifted his breasts,
it was very big and soft, my mother also touched my dick and took it in her mouth, she
was licking it viciously, I described it to her and she gave her pussy standing up I
was lying down she was standing I was licking her belly flesh from her hair and
her legs were crooked I got up, I put my dick in your pussy and I was fucking fast at that moment
we heard but no one came to my room my mother’s meat was shaking like I was shaking water
and I went out and emptied it was morning at home again
my mother came to my room undressed she was naked her breasts huge puss very but very
saggy belly sagging legs kilos varicose come on son told me fuck your mom
and lay down on the floor so i got up i licked your cunt
i licked her tits and sat right on her tits i put my cock in her mouth she licked and i put my cock
between her tits my cunt lost and ejaculated her chin got her breasts cum
and we got up I said why is your pussy so hairy she said I can’t get
my boobs my weight is preventing
her i took the razor and cleaned it ami came out wrinkled horse but i
I love it, our fucking continues. My brother got married and broke up. My father does not even see my mother with other women ,
he does not even come home for days .

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