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After my divorce from my husband, I went back to my father. Just then, the 1999/ 17
August earthquake happened. When the news came that my sister was injured and my brother-in-law died , I knocked on my sister’s door
after a two-day journey to help my sister.
When the door opened, a timber-like man
hugged me and blew me away, shouting “Aunt Vesile has come”. This man
turned out to be my sister’s step-son. His name was Rauf.
He was studying at the Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences . This guy was two years younger than me.
I had n’t seen it in four years . Honestly, I was very impressed with Rauf.
I really liked men who were big like that . After crying and talking for a while,
I slept on the sofa bed reserved for me on the sofa. My sister’s hip bone and thigh bone
It was very difficult to get up because it was broken.
I was always thinking of Rauf when I was doing the daily work . But he certainly wasn’t looking at me.
A few days later I decided to seduce him. The night my sister took sleeping pills
, I took off my panties and bra. Since the weather was hot, we
were sleeping with a pike. Wearing only my short nightgown, I
began to think about how I could find one. There was a slight aftershock
at that time. I immediately jumped into action. I went straight to Rauf’s room. I said Rauf, I’m so
scared, can I come to you? β€œCome on,” he said. I immediately
opened the pike, as if I was doing it out of fear, I hugged it by lying next to it. Since I didn’t have panties
, I glued my body and box to her bare calf. vibrates
it was like. I slipped my hand into his long johns. As if by chance, I grabbed his dick
. It was like a pile right away. I took it out of his trousers.
I started playing back and forth in my palm . I didn’t expect it to be this big and thick
. I was a little scared, but once I started.
My box was as well watered as the tip of his dick was watering. I felt Rauf’s
breathing tighten. My eyesight was too dark
. I immediately got on top of him, sat on him with my feet apart and
shoved the head of his dick into my box. I felt my box filling all its walls
. I was like fainting with pleasure. As I slowly put all of his dick in
, he made a groaning sound and hugged me around my waist. now the two of us
we became one body. Oh!. There is the world.

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