boricua bigo

I decided to write after reading such beautiful stories about what they went through .

I started chatting as usual and while I was calling, an fm? and then a slm
message came from a couple. I replied that someone is making fun of me, but let ‘s see
. The conversation was going well. I suddenly asked if we could meet at the window –
yes, when I got the answer, I felt that something would happen
There was a beautiful lady and her husband.

His wife said she was curious about her dick, so I’ll show it to her, but when she said she’s asleep, I said wake her
up, don’t worry, then mine
started to wake up anyway. She loved my dick, she said it was big and she wanted it
to rob.

The woman was doing everything that would drive me crazy, she was
undressing in front of her husband. I was trying to match the rhythm with my dick. Then her husband
got up and took her shorts down and put his dick in her mouth.
When I saw her device, I understood why she loved my dick so much

Then he twisted the woman and started to come in. It was as if her breasts were burning as he hit her. I was very horny. The woman
said I want to see her empty space, I said , “hey,”
and I cummed on the live broadcast. Her husband had also creamed the woman’s breasts

Then we started chatting again . My heart would stop when the couple, whom I learned from Samsun, said where are you from, I was in Samsun, when I was
saying where or something, the woman said come here. I couldn’t believe it. They gave
their address. I was a little hesitant in the middle of the night and went to their house.

I pressed the bell with excitement. The woman acted and her husband was with her. It was unbelievable . The
beauty I had just seen in the window was as close as my breath. They let me in and we went to the
living room. His woman was wearing a thin nightgown and
sat next to me. Her husband went to the kitchen to get some drinks
. I learned that her name was Ece. beautiful baayn immediately put her hand on my dick. I said stop, did
she come to sit here, she said immediately, she unzipped my zipper and took
it in her mouth.

Then I put my hand over her nightgown and I was stroking it. My dick was at the
top and suddenly she got up and took off her nightgown and came towards
my lap. She pulled her tnaga to the side and sat on her dick. Ece
was ready for anything and she was horny. We lay on the floor and started jumping on me.
Suddenly her husband came, the man was naked, they planned the room. He was behind her, enjoying Ece’s
two sentences to the fullest.

Then we switched places with her husband. Ece had our sandwich. Her husband left and
got up. I was up and Ece started sucking again and I ejaculated furiously in her mouth . Ece’s mouth was full. Her husband started to
applaud us. continued with ece and her husband

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