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Hello, I am Osman from Sivas, my age is 20. I don’t know where to start my story
. Anyway, let me start, I guess there will be more. This incident happened to me 1 year ago
. One day I went to my aunts to stay in the village. and everything was going well until my aunt
said I’m going to the bathroom. My aunt is 1.70 meters
tall, 50 kilos, around 30 years old widow . I’ve slept with so many women, I’ve never seen anything like this. Anyway, my aunt was playing with her hand and I couldn’t stand it, I went to her room and sniffed her bras and panties . evening the next day. my aunt again same disaster

He kept seducing me in his clothes. I
put it on my mind I’m going to fuck my aunt. There is no other choice but I was afraid. Anyway, my aunt
opened my bed and went to bed herself. My aunt and our rooms
were facing each other. While I was sleeping, my aunt was undressing and her beautiful
breasts and ass were magnificent. I couldn’t stand it anymore and after 2 hours I got up
and went to her and put my hand in the bed. I, but I
almost died of excitement.
I almost inserted my hand and touched my aunt’s gorgeous breasts. With my touch, my aunt’s awakening was one thing. Then he asked me
what are you doing. And he scolded me. So I went to my room and
lit a cigarette and meanwhile my aunt came in. still happened by mistake
I was going to say, my aunt told me to shut up. And she took off the two pieces of satin I was wearing
. He took my cock in his mouth and licked it for minutes. I ejaculated after 5, 6 minutes
and ejaculated so much that it is mind-blowing.
He licked it and swallowed it without wasting a drop of it . Then he told me it’s my turn and he
handed me his cunt and I started to lick his cunt like he did. when you lick
it, you would lick it. And my ring was groaning so much that it turned me on. Then
the room emptied trembling after 3.4 minutes, so I
swallowed it all. What I had in mind was to slowly fuck my aunt. but my aunt
wanted it right away. and he took mine and brought it back to life. And now
he started shouting, “What’s wrong with me?” I entered in one move, go inside
When we came, my aunt was chewing my lips and tearing the pillows with her hands
. I told her that I would come later, she said, empty the room into me. I ejaculated into
me. but I was not satisfied in any way, my mind was to fuck my aunt’s ass
. And my aunt said no, when I insisted, she couldn’t stand it and
I immediately bought shampoo from inside, I came and applied it to my aunt
‘s ass, and after expanding it, I rubbed my 22 cm cock on her head. And I slowly
started to get into it. When I entered, my aunt says don’t do it, so I put it in
one move without listening to it. And my aunt cried like that, don’t
ask. Anyway, after you go, her ass got used to it anyway, I was just about to
come, my aunt said to my mouth, so I ejaculated in her mouth.

He swallowed it all. And we were dying of exhaustion. We made love like crazy until the morning.

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