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have full hips and breasts the size of a melon.. I have wheat skin and long black hair..
I’ve been married for 20 years with my two daughters, one 19 and one 17.. My husband is 42 years old, handsome, 170 tall, 70 kilos..
in front of our house since it is a small garden, some relatives visit us often. We sit in the garden in the evenings and chat.. my brothers come to us from Mersin and stay for a few days.. with his wife and three daughters.. he is very fond of sex.. with my husband they always talked about women about sex.. sometimes indoors. My husband’s being outside would see it as an opportunity and he would smack me on my hips.. I was saying it’s a shame to him, what are you doing, what should I do?
I mean, if I gave him a little face, he’d fuck me that’s all.. but I wasn’t giving it a chance..

my husband’s uncle used to come with his wife.. they would come and go at least three times a week, they would come and go.. when we were eating out one evening, they came again and we welcomed them, but they did not eat.. my husband was drinking raki and his uncle started to drink together.. the conversation was so pleasant that my husband talked a lot when he drank. He used to tell jokes and make us all drink.. but when he missed it that evening, he went inside and leaked.. I told his uncle that he had leaked.. he went to look and I went after him.. when he saw my husband leaking, he dared to hug me in the hallway and started kissing me on the neck.. the kids were inside too, stop. I said the boys can hear us inside now.. He said I’ve wanted you for a long time.. I told him we are relatives, then I said I’m happy with my husband..
He said he’ll have you no matter what, and came out.. When his wife was curious and asked where you were, he said I went to the toilet.. After sitting for a while, they went and I packed everything up and went to bed.. But what my husband’s uncle said to me both pissed me off and I liked it.. by someone. It’s very nice to see attention and to hear such words..I was thinking what should I do..
The next day he called me on the phone and we talked but I still didn’t show my heart.. but I wanted to.. he was telling me that I would even drink your dick.. this was provoking me.. I wished he would find a chance to be with him and take care of me.. my husband fucks me. and he was feeding.. even he wanted to fuck every day but I couldn’t feel it every day.. so I was full of the dick.. my husband’s dick was about 17 cm but it was a thick cock, every time he tried to fuck it, even if it was wet in my cunt, I was hurting when inserting it.. I mean my husband’s dick was thick..
but I don’t know why my dear wanted to fuck with someone else..
I thought I’d tell my husband about this.. because with my husband he always watched porn and always asked me if I wanted to fuck with other men.. I tried to explain his uncle’s case with this in mind, of course..

she was a girl for a while and then she asked me if you wanted to.. I said no, you’re enough.. my
husband actually hurt his wife’s big and wide hips.. he said I always wanted to fuck.. I was happy when I heard these.. but I didn’t want to talk about it anymore because my husband told me He wanted to let me and fuck his wife..
one evening he asked me to go to my uncles.. I said what are we going to do.. we can chat in the evening.. I said as if I don’t want it, whatever you want.. we say ok and go after dinner.. call his uncle and see if they are available He asked me if I had a movie.. I think there is a room.

They weren’t far away, so we were there in 5 minutes at the most.. we sat down, the wife made tea and drank. My husband asked if you would put a movie on, and his uncle said we are watching a porn movie.. the wife said what is it.. do you have any other job, what will happen to her husband, he said.. When she asked if we were not enough for you, her husband also asked, of course, but this is just a movie.. we watched it and the men made comments.. but me and his wife didn’t say anything.. my pussy was soggy but I couldn’t say anything.. I said let’s go to the bathroom and wash my wife came after me when she asked what happened I said look what I’ve become from the movie.. he laughed.. in fact, he said that my mother has become sour..
the movie was over but it was early.. his uncle asked if I should put another movie,, my husband said put it.. he put another movie this time, it was a gangbang movie.. after watching a bit, my husband put his hand on my neck and started stroking my breasts.. he put his hand under my skirt and caressed my legs When she came to my cunt, what did she say, what’s that?

her uncle was looking from the opposite side and stroking his dick.. it was obvious from his hard tight shorts that my husband was busy with my breasts.. he took the opportunity to get his dick out and showed me.. i was pissing but I couldn’t dare to say something..
the wife brought something to console me, my boobs or something.. while stroking my breasts or something.. and when he saw that his hand was on the pussy.. he said wow you are very fast and laughed.. what should I do with my husband, the film is very provocative.. when he saw his husband’s cock like a stone.. he sat next to her and took her husband’s cock in his hand and started stroking it.. her husband said take it in his mouth a little and fell asleep.. we took more courage and took his dick out of my husband and gave it to my hand.. now I put it in my mouth and started to pout.. but none of us had the courage to say let’s say wife.. everyone was continuing with their own wife..
We were close, while his wife was sulking at each other, he suddenly put his hand on my leg and started stroking.. but he was afraid of my husband.. my husband must have liked it, as if he gave a sign with his eyes as if to continue and he extended his hand towards my butt and touched it.. his fingers were wet and he said it’s a heart, he said what a state of mind.. He lifted his head and asked what is this sociable.. Her husband said Emelin Ammi.. Wow Amminami did you touch it? yes, it’s so hot, it’s like it burned my hand.. suddenly his wife touched my dick and said beautiful cock with meat.. all of a sudden he asked if we could call him my husband.. his uncle also said ok but no fuck but don’t fuck alone.. everyone wanted it.. but because of me, I’m going to suck his uncle’s dick I was saying wives.. I was sucking on his uncle’s cock and his wife was taking my husband’s dick.. we were all covered in sweat..

We wanted different things somewhere.. I looked at my husband and he was watching me. He felt like he was reading my face. she felt his hardness and gave me different pleasure.. I was sitting on his lap with my face turned towards his uncle and I was sitting on his lips and pouting as if to tear his lips from pleasure.. my husband was daring from us and he was squeezing his aunt now.. he wanted that hip in his lap plus and he was touching and stroking that hip as he wanted. she asked me to stay calm and ejaculated inside of me.. I had already ejaculated many times.. she was kissing my breasts and pouting after ejaculation.. my husband was still in his aunt’s cunt.. and suddenly his aunt said to my husband if you want to fuck my ass..What he wanted more than anything, my husband stuck his dick in the ass and started to fuck it.. I guess he was squeezing the ass a lot, so my husband’s thick cock was very comfortable..
After about an hour of sex and fucking, my husband contracted to ejaculate and he ejaculated in his aunt’s ass.. then he took his dick off and his auntie sat on his lap and kissed his lips.. after a long kiss, we took a sigh of relief and took a shower.. we took our shower and sat for a while at lunch..
i I’m playing with his uncle’s dick.. I wanted him to get up.. my husband asked me if you were not satisfied.. I said let’s do it until we’re full.. he replied that you are right.. his aunt was sitting on my husband’s lap with his really wide and beautiful hips.. he was enjoying himself on my husband’s aunt.. fingering his aunt’s pussy and stroking and he was kissing every part he could reach..
no one seemed to have had enough and we were patient because the night was long so that our husbands could get their dicks up..
I said everyone has two wives and two husbands now.. they all said yes with a laugh..
the movie was finished but another movie came and put it.. a movie made up of black women and white men, white women and black men.. I was looking at cocks and commenting and saying I liked them now.. he was saying.. I was saying with a black cock and we were laughing.. but the conversations were making us all angry..

my husband was getting up again and his aunt was sulking with his aunt even in his mouth..
I started to take his uncle’s dick too.. when the room got up, he told me to get up and he said make it sit in my mouth with my pussy.. I just put my pussy in his mouth and pretended to sit. .. even though I got my enthusiasm, we couldn’t get enough.. maybe because it was the first time..
After we fucked together again, everyone relaxed and we got ready, then we went home.. my husband said it’s like I see him upturned most of the time.. when I asked him, he said I get horny when I think about it.. this was the first time we did it but it sure wouldn’t be the last.. because I started looking for different things in me. . but we continued like this until we found other things they would come to us and we were going to get bored with them.. sometimes his uncle would come alone and sometimes his wife would come alone.. really wonderful and very enjoyable events.. we went to search .. actually we didn’t need to call, everything was ready but no one I couldn’t trust.. what if he went out, people would look at us differently.. therefore I restrained myself.. for example, my husband’s aunt’s son would always come and go when my husband was at home.. he helps my husband if there is work at home. and we were very friendly. both with the kids and with us.. but he wanted to fuck with me.. he was 10 years younger than me.. he came once when my husband was not at home and said he wanted me so much.. he was going to say it a long time ago but he didn’t dare.. I refused. later, when I told my husband.. he said whatever you want.. now I’m free.. my husband said to me that if you’re going to fuck with others, I need to know.. you will tell me first, then we will make a plan, when you get bored, I’ll go out with the kids when you’re comfortable, call us when you’re done and we’ll come.. it both excited me and It made me happy.. and I love my husband very much. I was doing what I wanted now..

I will continue in my next story, we were bored, there were others.. stay
on this site and keep reading..

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